Now that summer has well and truly left the shores of Britain, we need to put the sun cream away, banish the bikinis and put the hot pants away for another year.

Just as our wardrobes change season to season, so does our skincare. Keep reading to find the best post summer skincare products to use today.

Tackle any sun damage

We have told you about the damage sun can do to your face and skin throughout summer and beyond. This all thanks to the different strengths of light in the rays of the sun. Standard issues that the sun can cause can be uneven texture, pigmentation and fine lines.

For this we recommend Clarins Super Restorative Night, swipe this all over your face and neck and over night and this product will reduce any pigmentation as well as age spots!

For fine lines, you need to pick a product that will boost and plump the skin. Hyloronic acid is a great ingredient that will help plump up your skin. We recommend Vichy Mineral 89 for everyday plumper skin.

Resurface and renew

Now that you tackled any sun damage that has happened, now you need to whip your skin up into perfection.

We have tried Superfruit from Herbivore, which is full of natural ingredients, to bring your face utter joy. “Crammed with superfruits and fruit enzymes, this antioxidant-rich cream hydrates as it brightens, so you can wake to a refreshed, radiant and thirst-quenched complexion come morning.”

This wonderful blue cream will make you feel and look, amazing, overnight!

Prolong that summer glow

All summer long we had some great weather this year, with heatwave after heatwave. With that in mind we have had never had tans so good. Now that summer is coming to an end, we want to glow like its summer all year long.

The best way to do this is using fake tan products that will boost your natural glow and keep your summer vibe going on and on. We are a big fan of The Isle or Paradise.

Bring your skin refreshment

The days still hold some heat, and your skin will be thirsty. We are really big fans of hydrating mists that keep your skin balanced and nourish worn out skin. Herbivore is a brand that we have fallen in love with recently, and they do an amazing mist that works wonder.

The Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist has not been off our faces for weeks, bringing in a level of moisture we need daily. This blend of organic rose water, hibiscus and coconut water has quenched our completions to perfection.

Try it after you cleanse, before your makeup or just through the day as a refreshing mist, trust us you will love it.

Oil Up

As we move into the the cooler months, we need keep our skins moisture levels in check. At any given moment a gust of wind will dry us out quicker than you can say crackers. Thus a moisturising oil is great to bring into your routine, as it will add a depth of moisture that you may not have needed over summer.

We turn to Herbivore once again, for an oil that is for all people. Their Emerald Deep Moisture Glow oil is a shocking green oil derived from hemp! This is the oil “for those who normally don’t like oils. Incredibly calming and seriously hydrating thanks to a blend of omega-rich and irritation-soothing hemp seed oil as well as a environmental-stress-defending adaptogens such as shiitake mushrooms and ashwagandha root.”


Big love to the lovely people at the Tape Agency for hooking us up with Herbivore products, our skin has never felt better!