One of the things I’ve always loved about London is its diversity. And nowhere is that easier to see than in its food.

London has such a fantastic selection of restaurants offering something for everyone. If there’s a food you’re craving, you can be sure to find it in London – probably several times over. From Caribbean cuisine to Bangkok street food, you won’t have to look far to find whatever it is you’re hungry for. Throw in a constantly changing scene of pop-ups and innovative fusion foodie joints, and you have everything you could want.

The only problem with London’s restaurant scene is choosing somewhere to go. There are enough options to choose from that you’re sure to work up an appetite just thinking about it, and you could spend hours or days considering all the options.

That’s why we share all the best London restaurant news you need to know on our eating out page. But if you’re more of a wanderer or fancy a spontaneous snack, you can use a website such as SquareMeal to narrow down the options. Here are the four best areas in London for eating out – whatever your taste-buds are calling for.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is London’s true entertainment hub. Surrounded by Leicester Square on one side and Piccadilly on the other, Covent Garden is as loved by locals as it is by tourists.

It also has every kind of restaurant you could hope to find within the near proximity. When you’re in Covent Garden, you’re never far from an upmarket eatery, a reliable chain with a pre-theatre menu or a chilled out pub (with below average prices for London!).


Soho knows how to party and brings a more vibrant character to central London. Known for its gay bars and risqué vibe, Soho has a fun mix of restaurants to entertain everyone. Think vegan eats, every type of coffee you could imagine and international takeaway food at its best.

Since many of London’s top theatres and shows are in Soho, you’ll also find a great selection of pre-theatre menus here too.


Home to the Houses of Parliament, Westminster has no shortage of typical British grub. That includes the country’s most famous greasy spoon, Regency Cafe, which has featured in a number of Hollywood films. Despite its fancy name and art deco interior, this cafe serves up a full English for just £5.50.

Other restaurants in Westminster aren’t quite so budget-friendly, but there are there are few hidden markets and hangouts if you’re willing to look hard enough. What Westminster does have, however, is plenty of regal buildings with an ever-changing set of menus inside.


Fulham’s foodie scene is surprisingly eclectic, but there’s one thing Fulham does better than anywhere else: brunch. Whatever your morning plate of choice, you can be sure to find it in Fulham – and it will probably be the best version of it you’ve ever tried.

But Fulham isn’t just for brunch. Head here for slow pub lunches along the river, fancy fast food and cosy hideouts with homegrown veggies.