Starting to feel older? Embrace it! Forget what the media says, age is just a number and getting old is nothing to worry about. It’s all down to how you feel inside, and there are actually a number of positives that come with ageing (honest). According to Britons, middle age doesn’t hit until you’re at least 48, and you aren’t considered ‘old’ until you’re 70. It’s time to forget the numbers, there are plenty of over 50s busting the typical ageing stereotypes, just take this 92 year old yoga loving Latin dancer!

Here’s how to stop worrying about age and start embracing it…

Enjoy Minimal Stress

You could say your hardest years are now behind you, teenage years, juggling a career, parenthood, and becoming financially secure are no easy tasks, now is the time to kick back and enjoy a life without the stress.

Rinse Those Discounts

You know, getting old can actually save you a lot of money! Say hello to OAP discounts, senior citizen passes and free bus rides. Maybe getting older isn’t so bad after all?

Accept Yourself

Self-acceptance often goes hand-in-hand with getting older, as you finally learn to accept the real you and become less self-conscious. You no longer need to strive for a six pack, or flat stomach. Retirement is about enjoying life, eating cake and not worrying about the reflection in the mirror.

Turn Off the Alarm

Older people need their rest, so say goodbye to that alarm you’ve faced for the past 50 years and enjoy a lie-in once in a while. You’ve earned this fair and square!

Cherish Your Grandchildren

Getting older means more time to spend with your family and enjoying quality time with your grandchildren. It’s like having kids again but less stressful and only partaking in the fun bits. Pass on your wisdom, share stories and plan days out, you’ve got the time now!

Focus on Your Health

When we’re busy working full-time and trying to juggle a family and home life, personal health can often slip down the list of priorities. Getting older means more time to focus on yourself, from cooking healthy meals to taking yourself outside for a brisk walk.

Go and See the World

You’re no longer limited to just 20 days of annual leave, pack your bags and enjoy a spontaneous trip somewhere new. You’re never too old for adventure, so whether you want to hike in Yosemite National Park or explore the pyramids in Egypt, there’s no time like the present.

Exercise Your Brain

Why stop learning now? Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you can’t still grow your knowledge every day. Take up a new hobby, learn a new language, and keep your brain well exercised! How about that pottery class you’ve been meaning to sign up to for the past five years?

Make an Impact

Now is the time to get stuck into a cause that means a lot to you, whether that’s volunteering at a local animal shelter or getting involved in a community fundraising project. This is also a great way to meet new people and expand your social circle.

See it as a Gift

Ageing is a gift that not everyone has the opportunity to experience, whilst you might moan about discovering another wrinkle, think about those whose life got cut short. Don’t be afraid of death, face it, and even plan for it! Embrace your age, embrace your journey and don’t let a number ever hold you back.