Let’s face it we’d all love the opportunity to go on more holidays, but what with crazy schedules and perhaps some budget limitations that just isn’t going to happen. Well, we may have the solution to that problem- Talitha’s AW17 collection.

Talitha’s collection will give you all the holiday vibes you need this coming winter, with beautiful garments inspired by traditional techniques and artisanal skills showcased in a way that will take your breath away, no cabin crew required.

Don’t be scared that this will look like a costume, far from it. Talitha is modern and fresh with beautiful hand worked skills shown in new and exciting ways; like on embroidered cuffs on cropped jeans. Mixing 21st-century style with tradition. You really sense the though that has been taken into forging this strong holiday feeling into a really wearable set of garments that will brighten up our autumn in the UK.
One part of the holiday vibe that must be nailed is the ease of the garments, and this collection certainly has an effortless feel to it. With kaftan style dresses, soft loose blouses and fluid jackets, the collection is as effortless as lounging by a pool all afternoon. This is matched in the colour palette used, it has a rich warm sun kissed feeling with sumptuous earth tones contrasted with rich hues of blues and navy.

Don’t think that the collection won’t stand up to winter in the U.K., again Talitha has got it covered. With sumptuously detailed coats with the softest looking shearling collars, we have seen in a while. Bundling up for winter will feel so much better in one of these coats.

So buckle up for the trip of a lifetime with Talitha this winter, and remember on this journey there is no baggage limit…

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All Images c/o Talitha