Yes, travel broadens the mind, and having time to yourself can give you a huge amount of clarity. But naturally, everybody’s feeling somewhat reticent to go travelling in the modern-day. But, even before life changed, people were feeling concerned when it came to solo travel. It’s something that we all would like to do, but we end up being put off by it. We may not feel very confident but preparing ourselves for solo travel is about certain habits that we can put into our lives well before we have the finances.

Living The Minimal Life

We only have the clothes on our back and what is in our backpack. Perhaps taking the opportunity to put everything you have into storage and living life on the road for a couple of weeks in your local area can prepare you for what lies ahead. Use your weekends to go to the furthest destination on the train line or venture back to your parents for a long weekend (when this is allowed of course) when you haven’t been there for a long time, and take the temptation to explore. If this appeals, this is a very good sign.

Practice Being By Yourself

We rely on others to do a lot of things but we don’t realise it. When we are considering travelling, taking that first step to be by ourselves can make us realise if we are able to thrive in our own company. You might be one of those people that thinks it’s a little sad going to the cinema by yourself or eating a meal on your own in the corner of a restaurant but this is one of the realities of solo travel. It sounds very obvious but have you ever truly been by yourself? In addition to this, you may begin to realise that a lot of people do a lot of things for you. By severing that tie temporarily, and learning if you are able to thrive by yourself, especially in stressful circumstances you will have a better idea of how much you need to prepare.

How Good Are You With Stress?

It is another simple thing to point out, but travel is a lot of stress. Whether it’s trying to get to the accommodation before it shuts its doors, or getting that train on time, there can be a lot of thinking three steps ahead. And if you find yourself constantly on the run, is this going to get the better of you? Learning to keep yourself calm in stressful circumstances will mean that you can handle these issues better. It may very well be a case that when you go on a solo expedition that you hit stress after stress but you learn how to deal with it. This is why so many people appreciate travel because it turns them into a better person. But if you are someone who struggles with stress, learning to push out your comfort zone will help you. It’s not easy, but it will become a tool that you can use for life.