When we’re not exploring London (or the world), sometimes life can take its toll on you and you just need a little boost. Whether that be from kick-starting your morning routine or trying a new energy drink like Flyte.

‘If you’re over 18, not pregnant, have a bustling work and social life and care about what goes into your body, then FLYTE is just right for you!’

At Flyte, we aim to become the only natural energy drink of its kind. As most of us live a fast-paced life and juggle several things at the same time, it’s normal that we need more energy to manage all of the daily tasks. For health-conscious people who are not keen on drinking regular sugar-loaded energy drinks, Flyte offers a much better alternative – a natural energy drink sources only from premium ingredients, with caffeine coming from natural sources.

Here’s how Features Editor, Charlotte, got on with the drink:

“Flyte was definitely different from my morning coffee, it was cold for starters and didn’t make me wince from too much caffeine. I really liked how light the citrus flavour tasted and it wasn’t too OTT as some healthy drinks tend to taste. It was interesting to see how this would last during the day and trying one during my afternoon slump. 

Around 3pm, I’m at my worst and I try to stray away from caffeine as it keeps me wired for hours and I don’t want to be dehydrated from drinking too much of it. Flyte came in handy here as the red berries flavour was not only tasty but stopped me reaching for the biscuit tin. I reckon it’s the mental side to it too, why ruin a good moment with something I’m trying to avoid?”

Flyte is co-founded by Luke Raskino and Jonathan Reeves, who wanted to create a revolutionary positive energy drink range that would clean up the chemical filled drinks aisle with a healthier alternative that works just as well and tastes great.

We’ll be taking Flyte again soon, for now, you can check out our travel section. 

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