We are all about the new and no, and when it comes to summer dressing this is no different. If you are planning your summer wardrobe, or packing for your holiday, then you need to know about NARRO’s 2019 cruise collection.

The Cruise 19 Collection from NARRO is made with fine fabrics, that offer a huge amount of comfort. The collection is basically your summer capsule wardrobe with pieces perfect for summer and beyond.

With an added bonus that the collections pieces will not look out of place at work or in the city. This is a truly versatile collection.

Featuring bohemian dresses that will float you through the warmer months. Separates that will work for the beech or a city break. Easy knits you will wear well into next year. The collection really has something for all people in all locations. We love how easy and accessible this collection is.

If you are a regular reader, you will know that we like to get you the information. We knew we loved the collection so much, so we grabbed 5 minutes with NARRO…

Summer Escape: Narro Cruise 2019

Could you describe NARRO in 5 words?

Artisan, Cosmopolitan, authentic, modern, versatile

Where you draw your inspiration from?

Travels and wanderlust are the guiding source for NARRO and myself. The many vibes of London, the culture in Paris, a summer in Greece, locals in Morocco, meditation in India, shopping in Milan, theatre in NY, getting lost in Bali’s scenic views.

Every different place has so much to offer: creativity, cultural heritage, authenticity, which all provide valuable food for thought!

Summer Escape: Narro Cruise 2019 Summer Escape: Narro Cruise 2019

 What is the favourite part of creating NARRO?

It’s the attention to detail. From the design process and craftsmanship, to when our looks are ready and worn by our beautiful (inside and out) customers. I am always fixating on the little details and until I get them just right, it’s an ongoing process!

Frankly, I love all the different stages along the way that contribute to creating NARRO. 

What do you love about fashion in 2019?

I love that there are no rules. In earlier decades there were certain stereotypes that prevailed. Women wear this and men wear that, or navy and black don’t match and so forth! It’s so exhilarating to see everyone’s imagination imprinted on their outfit.

I certainly believe that you can tell a lot about one’s character from their outfit.

What do you think fashion could do better in 2019?

We can all be more supportive. Especially women supporting other women. I think we need even more female empowerment and female leaders.

Summer Escape: Narro Cruise 2019 Summer Escape: Narro Cruise 2019

 What is your favourite piece in your current collection?

For me it’s our signature Black and Off White Oversized Wool cardigans. Once i slip one of these on, i just can’t take it off again! Hand-knitted by local seamstresses in Europe, made solely of wool and with a relaxed yet uber-stylish fit, it’s an iconic NARRO look.

Plus, it is ideal in a winter setting or a not-so-cold day when we really need a little extra comfort (and snuggle)!

Do you have any advice for people who want to run their own business?

Have faith, be patient and stay true to your gut feeling. The tingling sensation we get when making a bold decision or step out of our comfort zone, hardly ever lies because deep down we know it is worth it.

Of course a strong, proactive and devoted team is vital, yet we need to have faith in ourselves first and be certain that hard work will pay off. The entrepreneurs journey may be stressful, but the ultimate reward is satisfactory beyond words.