As somebody who can’t stomach a savoury breakfast without wolfing down a dessert after, candy-themed art exhibition ‘Sugarcoated’ was a no-brainer for me. Run by  ‘The Ilaka Project’ – a platform to support emerging Pakistani artists, the exhibition had me at giant lollipops and floating tea pots.

Set in dimly lit Hoxton Basement, the interactive exhibition is in the heart of East London and is a piece of cake (pun intended) to find. And it encourages us not just to part with our money (all pieces are on sale to the public) but also to part with any notion of adulthood as we are led into a land of sand pits and hanging art installations.


Free pic n mix is at hand, and sherry-based cocktails had us wondering if our grannies had it right all along.

The pieces, influenced by pop culture, are fun and imaginative, and, as you might imagine, extra instagrammable. Oh, and did we mention seven out of the ten Pakistani artists featured are female? Talk about girl power!


If you miss the exhibition, running until the 14th September, be sure to check out Ilaka’s website, which acts a space to showcase Eastern talent into a Western market.

And if you do make it? Just remember to floss that night.

For more info and to buy tickets:

Ilaka’s online platform: