Winter is THE time for faux fur, but knowing how to wear it is another thing altogether. You probably already know how to incorporate a neat faux fur, yet shaggy faux fur can pose some issues. Never fear because PlusMinus is here. We have sorted

We are the hub of the new and the now, and that means we will always strive to keep you up to date and stylish at all times. With that in mind, we have compiled 5 stylish ways to wear a shaggy faux fur coat this winter.

1. Parka

Like the idea of shaggy fur, but have no idea where to start. Well, the best way to start is with a touch of faux fur. The high street has so many options, but we think the best styling option is the statement parka. Keeping the fur on the hood, you can bring in your shaggy style subtly. This is the perfect addition to any business casual wardrobe. It will keep an uber smart look down to earth, and add a layer of sophistication to any casual look.

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2. Dip your toes in

Want to dip your toes into shaggy faux fur, but don’t want to go the whole hog? Do you recall the opener to the second Charlies’ Angels film, well if you do; Cameron Diaz’ character is your style icon for this look. Keep your feet warm and add shaggy faux fur to the foot of your look. Think Mongolian fur texture, go wild and let your ankles do the talking.

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3. Gilet

So you are warming up to the idea of shaggy faux fur, but still, need convincing. We love a faux fur gilet and have told you how to style a white one. Well take all the styling knowledge and convert this into a veritable rainbow of faux fur options that will keep you snug and warm all winter long.

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4. Furry Accessories

It isn’t just you that wants to keep warm this winter, your belongings deserve to try this trend as well. Yes, there is such a thing as furry bags. This winter let your iPhone, lipstick and keys sit snuggly in the warm depths of a shaggy faux fur bag.

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5. The aforementioned full hog

Okay so you have worked your way through all the different options, now you are ready to fully commit. It is time to embrace the full shaggy faux fur coat. Yes, dive in and grab this option with both hands. Anything from soft shearling to full Yeti, there are no rules. We do suggest making sure that you pick the right length, we don’t mind the texture adding bulk, but we do not want to look like a lost explorer. The high street has got some great options, as well as some more budget-busting options, enjoy this trend to its fullest.

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