We all know someone who has serious style. To save you the task of scrolling several Instagram accounts to save all their outfits to recreate at a later date, we have done the leg-work for you. Yes in this series we are talking style secrets. Talking to some of the most sartorially successful people the world has to offer.

To kick this series off, we grabbed 15 minutes with PR legend Portia Shaw. Portia is the creative force behind POP PR, one of London’s premier PR agencies. From her offices in London and LA, Portia delivers distinctive events and strategic media placement, captivating audiences all whilst being an incredibly stylish tour de force in the fashion world.

Portia is no stranger to fashion and manages a fashion week queue like nobody else. Having got to know her season on season, we thought it was about time we learn where her style secrets lie.

Underneath those perfectly blow-dried tresses is a steely determination that we want in on, and this is our opportunity. We talk everything from Spanx to her obsession with shoes… Style Secrets with Portia Shaw

How does your job dictate the way you dress?

I’ve been doing what I do for over 10 years and because of that I don’t feel like my skill set is dictated by my outfit, in the early days I was all about the higher the heel the bigger the deal. Nowadays I try to opt for a more casual approach in my attire.

I love my wardrobe and live for fashion, but I don’t take what I wear as seriously as people may think. Sometimes I like to nickname my outfits, the other day I was serving Diane Keaton realness with flared corduroys, a turtleneck and shirt all in hues of blue. For me it is important to have fun with fashion as this really is the only industry where you can rock any look you want.

What is your signature outfit?

Don’t have one, I have a failsafe all black look for when I am tired and really don’t have the energy to put a look together.

I have a tonne of Nike trainers which are all black or grey and I like to team these with leather leggings, in the summer I would chuck on a white tee with this, come winter a cheeky flash of fox fur usually gets draped over my shoulder. For the haters out there, its vintage and I don’t eat meat . . . You’re welcome.


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Whose wardrobe would you love to raid?

Cher . . . like you need to ask! I would totally throw on one of her wigs, a pair of clip-on earrings and a dress made from tired newspaper clippings whilst giving my own rendition of “Gypsies, tramps and thieves”.

What is something you cannot dress without?

SPANX. It doesn’t matter on your dress size, I use them when I don’t want a knicker line and I am a UK size 6-8. Once those are on I generally think about shoes before I cover myself in double-sided tape and run through my closet blindfolded.

Is there anything you would change in the world of work for women?

A man’s view of how emotional women can be in the workplace, we cry because we give a fuck.

Best purchase ever

Isabel Marant cowboy stilettos and vintage silver fox fur gilet, they are the gifts that keep giving.


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Worst Purchase Ever

Too many to list, but green sparkly tracksuit bottoms immediately jump to mind and a Louis Vuitton graffiti bag which I have only ever used once. Thinking about it teamed together they would totally make for a high-end Vicky Pollard from Little Britain.

Most expensive purchase

I have a Saint Laurent bag that came in at a cool £2k. Also a pair of Chloe boots that I’m too embarrassed to say how much I paid. Needless to say, a man didn’t buy them for me and I have worn them both a lot.

I don’t look at price straight away, I think how much I already have that will go with it and how often I will wear it.

Best Value Purchase

Bottega Veneta large hobo bag, worn every day for years and still pulled out to this day.

Best style tip?

Don’t care what people think and make sure you are comfortable. There is nothing worse than watching someone wear something they are not confident in or can’t walk properly in.

I once bought a leather pencil skirt that was so tight. When worn with heels I had to walk up the stairs sideways. Needless to say, in rush hour on the central line I felt like a high-end low rent escort  . . .

Favourite thing you’ve ever worn?

I have a vintage raw silk gown, it’s a dungaree dress with a 2ft trail, it’s the most fabulous dress in the world ever, I have only worn it twice but I’m totally going to be buried in it.


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What’s on your ASOS saved list (we imagine you are too chic to shop here so delete as appropriate)

Ha! I actually have a bunch of tartan shirts and Wonderbras in there right now. I’m feeling lumberjack season is upon us, so have been stockpiling those.

However in my matches wish list is a pair of Christian Louboutin Metripump measuring tape embellished heels. Malone Souliers by Roy Luwolt embroidered satin mules. Oh and some Isabel Marant black Lileas leather ankle boots. Yes, I love shoes.

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