STOP! Don’t ditch those resolutions just yet

Is it just us or is this the most miserable week of the year? Yesterday we started the week with Blue Monday and now we hear it’s officially Ditch Your Resolutions day.

Even though we know those resolutions won’t all see it through to the end of 2017, we’d like to think they’ll survive the first month. We set them for a reason, right?

So in a bit of an anti-Ditch Your Resolutions day and with the day we’re most likely to give up lurking (24th FYI), here are some tips for sticking with your new year’s resolutions from … for a little while longer, at least. You got this!

1. Remember your why

As they so often say, it’s all about the journey rather than the destination. The #1 way to make any new habit stick is to find a way to enjoy the process – rather than just wanting to get to the results stage. Once you begin to enjoy each step on the way to your bigger goal, you’ll notice that you’re making real progress and having fun while doing it.

Your resolution: Drink more water.

We know drinking water can be pretty boring at times and nothing looks more tempting than that ice cold can of Coke when you’re making yet another trip to the tap, so treat yourself to a fun bottle you actually enjoy drinking from.

Stainless steel water bottle, Swell

2. Stay inspired

There’s nothing we love better than a big ol’ inspiration board at PlusMinus HQ. Whether that’s a virtual Pinterest board or an old-fashioned cork board hanging on your wall, fill it up with images that remind you of why you set yourself that goal. When that motivation starts to drop, you’ll have plenty ready and waiting in reserve.

Your resolution: Go on a dream holiday

As well as collecting photos of the place you want to visit, include shots of the kind of clothes you’ll wear there, the food you’ll eat and the suitcase you’ll be carrying onto the plane to make it feel more real. You can also add images of things you want to buy to take with you and tick them off as you go.

Striped cork board, Busy B


3. Find an accountability buddy

There’s not much worse than having to tell someone you failed to do what you said you would, which is why having an accountability partner works so well. Find someone with similar goals to your own and you can help keep each other on track, as well as being each other’s cheerleaders.

Your resolution: Work out more

Going to the gym can be fun at first, but soon becomes a bit of a chore when everyone else seems to be out having fun. If you don’t have a friend to work out with, ask if you can text each other every time you hit the treadmill to stay motivated. Don’t have a friend? A journal can work just as well – especially when you have all of your progress to look back on.

‘Escape the Ordinary’ journal, Kate Spade

4. Make it easy

Just because most of the resolutions we make for ourselves are pretty big, they don’t have to be hard. This isn’t supposed to be torture! In fact, making them as easy as possible is one of the best ways to ensure you can stick at them for the long run and not burn out after just a couple of weeks or months.

Your resolution: Drink less alcohol

Cutting back on your alcohol intake doesn’t have to mean cutting back on your social life. At all. There are so many healthy restaurants and detox bars around, that it may be as easy as changing your usual hangout. If you’re more of a house party/Friday night wine and dinner kind of girl, there are plenty of delicious options out there that don’t contain a drop of alcohol – plus you’ll wake up feeling better on Saturday!

Gold teapot, Tom Dixon