Most people are looking into the latest trends, fashion, and styles that grace so catwalks every season. However, there is a large portion of us that also like to be a bit different. And of course, and there is no right or wrong way of styling yourself. Unless you’re looking at a uniform for work, the world is your oyster. There can be an element of judgment from some if you are not dressed as people would like, but as long as you’re mostly sensible you can choose what you like, and what you want to put on your own body isn’t a bad thing. So what are how people like to stand out? And what are some things we can do to be a bit different?

Unique hair

Slight variations on the open “usual“ hairstyles and colors are usually as far as people go. But in modern times we have a whole range of different colors today to dye our hair, literally a rainbow if required. Some techniques provide some very unusual shapes when it comes to cutting here, and there are products now that means you can mold your hair into any way you like. Embracing these opportunities, and mixing it up a little bit to create a bright and unusual hairstyle, can be the first step to unique overall style for you.


Piercings aren’t necessarily a fashion statement; however, there is a particular aesthetic that suits piercings, and with the different options available, you can pick different things such as cartilage earrings, and chains. This is a permanent choice and should be considered very carefully, but it’s certainly a way to stand out from the crowd.

Unusual clothing

It’s very rare your find a type of clothing these days that hasn’t been done before. But mixing up all the new styles, for example, 80s influences on a 2019 dress, can create something unique. Clothing can really be a type of art, and it will always be the wearers choice to decide on what looks good for them. Of course, you could choose some intensely bright-colored clothing to stand out, but adding accessories with cartoon characters, or slogans that stand out from the crowd are also great options too.

Embrace the weird

It takes a certain level of confidence to stand out from the crowd, and any of these options above are certainly going to help with that, and even though they may be aimed at standing out, people are coming around to the idea that everyone has their style, and not necessarily have to follow a crowd. More and more people are embracing the “weird “and relaxing a little bit about what other people choose to wear.

It’s great that we now have the choice to change things up, and look at how we wish without too much trouble. And most people are coming around to the idea of the fact it’s 2019, and not everybody is going to wear the same thing just to fit in. Clothing and what we wear is a form of expression, and choosing to express ourselves authentically is a beautiful thing.