We all love a good kick back and relax, and the best way to do that is by putting on a good film. By good we don’t necessarily mean the best, but the cheesiest.

We are talking crazy plots, throwback styling and the amazing actors we know now but younger!

Keep reading to find out the 9 cheesy films we secretly love…


If you didn’t want to be Cher Horowitz growing up, then did you even grow up? We adored the deluded life of a teen in 90s America. The outfits, the attitude oh and Paul Rudd. We love love love love love this classic.


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Bride Wars

Not such a classic as Clueless, but just as much of a great film that we love. Anne Hathaway and Kate Upton play lifelong best friends who have grown up dreaming of having perfect weddings. When a clerical error means that their weddings will be on the same day; their friendship suffers. This is a laugh out loud cheesy must watch.

Absolutely Fabulous the Movie

Using all the characters that we know and love from the TV Classic, this film is predictable and hilarious. Penned by Jenifer Saunders it follows failing PR Edina Monsoon as she goes about her life in her usual haphazard way. With 100s of cameos from well known faces, this is as cheesy as it gets, but actually really really funny.

Bridget Jones’ Diary

We don’t really need to tell you why we love this film so much do we? This absolute classic is a much watch if you have ever been single. The rom-com to end all rom-coms, Bridget Jones is full of memorable moments and wonderful acting. Penned by Helen Feilding and turned into the film we love by Richard Curtis, this has to be on our list of all time favourite films.


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Monster in Law

This little known gem is an absolute treat. With Jenifer Lopez playing across from Jane Fonda, this is a great way to spend an hour and a half. Ignore the bad reviews, what do critics know? Wanda Sykes is the true star of this film, playing the level headed Ruby. You would need a heart of stone to not crack a smile at this film.


This 2005 Nora Ephron was by no means her best ever work. However, this is a charming film. Set around the idea of rebooting the Bewitched series, Nicole Kidman plays a witch who is giving up her powers, who gets cast as Samantha in the new Bewitched. Following? Well it isn’t as complicated as it sounds. With a great cast, and a great style, we love this film.

Charlie’s Angels

Another remake, and this time it’s a good one. Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz take on the roles of Charle’s Angels in this action packed comedic film. Well written, well cast and full of great 2000’s fashion, we have always had a soft spot for this film.

Legally Blonde

A tale of beauty and brains. We don’t need to tell you why this film is on this list- all we will say is that any legal case solved by the knowledge of endorphins gets us. Also BEND AND SNAP. Oh and we couldn’t forget the legendary Paulette Bonafonté.


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This creepy teen flick is super fun, and addictive to watch. Winona Ryder is so young, which is what makes this such a great throwback and romp through the late 80s. It also cheesy because the plot is RIDICULOUS.

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Cheesy films we secretly love

Cheesy films we secretly love