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Finally the sun is out, the winter dullness is clearing and summer is in sight – springtime has arrived.

Spring is a perfect time to give your home décor a refresh or shake-up. Other than just giving your home a spring-clean though, why not extend that by treating yourself to some new interior goodies or go for a complete new look in your home.

This year we are seeing an introduction to some new and quirky trends, but also a large amount of trends that have been reinvented due to their popularity over the years. If you are looking to give your home a facelift this spring, check out some of these spring/summer interior trends available below – you never know, one might take your fancy!

Into the Jungle

Credit: Next

This trend is not a new one, but it does pack a punch and that’s why we love it. In previous years the tropical trend has consisted of copper metallic pineapples and kitsch neon tones, but this year this trend is appearing classier with its large bold prints, golden animal accessories and deep rich tones. If you’re a fan of Pantone’s colour of 2017 “Greenery”, then this a great opportunity to incorporate it, whether it be for the walls, soft furnishings or accessories.

Credit: Marks and Spencer

You can either fully emerge yourself in this trend or just add some accented hints throughout the space. Look for botanical and exotic printed wallpaper and fabrics, gold metallic kitchenware and furniture, then finish off with a wealth of lush foliage. If the large prints slightly put you off, choose one print for either the curtains or a feature wall, then keep everything else in the space low key. You will also see a strong reference to Safari themes and Aztec patterns over the season.

Crazy for Cacti

Credit: George Home

The pineapple has competition this year with our favourite prickly plant, the cactus, taking over. You will see it used everywhere from high end, to high street, in kitsch illustrated accessories, neon lighting to realistic faux plants.

The cactus is set to completely invade your home this spring/summer and we say, bring it on! With a general obsession with succulents, the cactus has now taken centre stage with many decorating and fashion trends jumping on board. These weird and wonderful plants look great, but also are incredible in the way they survive and that’s why they are loved! We’re seeing cute cactus gifts, and a resurgence of Nemadji pottery and other desert-inspired home décor – so get ready to add some fun to your home.

Luxury living

Credit: Loaf

We went potty for pastels in 2016, but it seems that deeper, luxurious jewel tones are on the rise this year. Inspired by eastern design, shades of emerald green, sapphire and amethyst will help you to inject some lavish colour to your home.

Metals, stars, space and cosmos inspire this trend. Transparent fabrics and floaty silks will add softness and a feminine touch, plus to add a little sparkle, choose raw-cut quartz, metallics and opal. This trend will add a sense of romance and luxury to your scheme.

Soft Vintage

Credit: Marks and Spencer

Calming, soft, feminine and delicate, this trend is this season’s prettiest look. Soft Vintage uses decorative floral patterns, paired with porcelain blues and pastel greens, creating a quaint heritage look. If your scheme is mostly grey, you can easily adapt it with this trend, by layering patterned textures, decorative accessories and delicate glassware.

Mediterranean Memories

Credit: Walls and Floors

According to the experts this year warm tones will replace cool and white tones and the re-introduction to Terracotta is a way of doing this. The burnt-orange colour-way emits images of Mediterranean summers, adding warmth and texture to a space.

This 80’s trend can be seen as a little dated though, so to keep it modern and dripping with style, avoid terracotta tiles that are too rustic and choose ones with a natural matte finish. Add these tiles to feature walls, floors and cladding for fireplaces, rather than as border tiles. If you fear this trend will still lack warmth in the winter months, team with faux fur rugs, lush fabrics and add a pop of colour to the setting also.

Soft Geometrics

Credit: Marks and Spencer

Geometrics are still going strong in the interior world, but now we are seeing softer, less angular patterns in pretty pastels. Circular shapes, simple design and statement pieces are now on-trend. The triangle is still a firm favourite though, so do not despair. If you are a fan of geometric shapes, try getting creative with some wall art or quirky lighting.

Credit: Marks and Spencer

Green with envy

Credit: MiaFleur

Waving goodbye to navy and midnight blues, we welcome stunning dark green tones. As already mentioned, 2017 is the year for green tones and dark green is a great way of bringing the outdoors in. Dark green as a paint colour looks amazing paired with metallics, tan leathers and natural textures. To add an accent of dark green in a light space, choose luxurious velvet soft furnishings, such as cushions and sofas.

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