We live in an era of fast fashion. In recent years, the pace of fashion has increased to such a point that some companies and brands have moved towards slow fashion and sustainable practices. This movement has ethics at its core, and is a backlash and welcome relief to fast fashion.

Almasanta is one such company. It was founded by Claudia M. Monaco and Mercedes Escoda, who both have a strong background in fashion and trends. Almasanta is committed to change the way the word sees fashion. They have a strong focus on trend-led and unique products that have sustainability and ethics at their core. They aim for their curated pieces to add a sense of refinement – both through the style and their substance.

Don’t think that sustainability will mean that the selection is dowdy or dull. Far from it, Almastanta has some incredible one of a kind pieces picked just for you, which not only creates exclusivity but also reduces waste and distribution costs. They ensure that all the products they stock have the same values by ensuring sustainability through each brand’s supply chains.

Embroidered jeans, available here.

We love the selection of brands stocked on Almasanta. We can’t get enough of 3×1; a jean brand that has denim and transparency at their heart. We love their incredible distressed hemmed options or beautiful floral embroidery perfect for the upcoming season.

Fringed jeans, available here.

Another brand that caught our eye is Bless the Mess, which features traditional hand made techniques. Their statement cuffed blazers give a real Ibiza vibe to tailoring.


Embroidered blazer, available here.

If you need another reason to shop with Almasanata then feel comfortable in the knowledge that 1% of their revenue goes to charities, which you chose when making a purchase.

Very often it feels like all that fashion does is take from the world, whether by resources or through human cost. Almasanta makes fashion feel good again, and it gives back to so many causes – so for once you won’t have to feel at all bad shopping!