If you’re anything like us and you end up on Oxford Street in the month of December you’re going to quickly regret the decision after five minutes of slow walkers, elbow diggers and queues the length of our Christmas wish lists (i.e. never-ending).

Thankfully, tucked away behind the craze of Christmas shoppers is a haven of heavenly cake and elegant surroundings inviting you to rest your trampled feet.

‘Sketch’ is a magical place all year round, but the beautiful art space – which hosts not one but two Michelin-starred restaurants – has decided to add some extra sparkle this season.


Just last week ‘sketch’ launched their aptly-named ‘Night before Christmas’ exhibit, which showcases a dazzling collection of creative installations around the venue.

The second you walk through the door you are transported into fairytale surroundings that could be straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Designed by florist Carly Rogers, guests enter through a forest lined with pine trees and topped off with a trail of fake snow.

You might only be a few yards from Oxford Street, but you could be on a different planet.

And once inside you can sit amongst more fake snow and enjoy your afternoon tea with both a choir and carollers giving live performances throughout the day.

As with everything in sketch, expect the extraordinary. If you’re looking for something more substantial than cake you can forget the turkey. Instead, ‘sketch’s 2 star michelin restaurants – ‘The Gallery’ and ‘The Library’ – are serving up mouth watering alternatives to your traditional Christmas dinner this year.



You didn’t think we could write an article on ‘sketch’ without mentioning what are probably the most instagrammed loos in the world though did you? If you don’t get a photo beside the bizarre looking ‘pod’ toilets ft. brightly coloured ceiling tiles you might as well not have been…


This year, Rogers decked out the ‘bathroom’ with winter shrubbery, carpented moss and yep – you guessed it –  more fake snow. But we won’t ruin the surprise for you… 

By the end of your visit you might find your bank balance might have significantly decreased but then so will your stress levels… So what you spend on cake you’ll save on anti-wrinkle cream!

The ‘Night before Christmas’ exhibit is running from the 13th of November to the 6th of January. Sketch recommend booking to avoid disappointment.

Sketch, 9 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2XG