When it comes to new product releases sometimes we see things well in advance and are desperately waiting for the release day. Other times an email lands in our inboxes on launch day and we are BLOWN AWAY. Welcome to today’s post where the Shrimps X Habitat Collection did the latter (we are still recovering).

Okay, so you obviously know about Shrimps? Well if you don’t, we will catch you up. The label was launched by Hannah Weiland in 2013. Weiland takes her inspiration from the witticisms of modern art and a playful engagement with pattern and texture. We all fell in love with her cruelty-free fur, a faux fur revolution. From there the brand has gone from strength to strength. Today is Shrimp’s first foray into interior design. 

Weiland, the creative genius behind the cult faux fur brand Shrimps, is nothing but our hero for this collection. This is a clever diffusion of her iconic design style, into a very affordable and covetable collection. Habitat has slowly been creeping back as our go to home store since it’s recent revival. This collaboration puts Habitat at the top of our list for all our interior needs this season.

Weiland states that this collection ‘brings together characters, stories, pattern and colour from past seasons and translates them across a series of textiles and artwork for the home’. Using brand staples as well as references from their latest collection, this collection is simply stunning and will certainly test our budgeting skills.

The collection is made up of covetable pieces, such as cushions, rugs, bedding, throws and prints. Using runway prints, technical skills and highly skilled craftsmanship this collection is undeniably luxurious and we want it all.

Shrimps for Habitat is available NOW exclusively at habitat.co.uk/shrimps and Habitat’s new Westfield London store in September. See select pieces below; and watch this to see more…