Teaching English is a job which we can all be capable of if we are looking to travel for our career. It can be an incredibly rewarding career option and gives us the chance to explore life before adulthood sinks in. Here are the top reasons you should teach English abroad after you graduate.

Life is short

Your life is short, and the moment that you pack up and leave college it is the perfect opportunity to travel and enjoy your younger years. You can read articles by AJ Hoge and learn how to teach English to people in foreign countries,and then simply pack up a bag and go! You will have the chance to go anywhere, be anyone and enjoy the sight and smells of the world before you settle down at home once more.

It’ll look good on your resume

You might think that teaching English is an easy job which doesn’t count as a career, but it is a recognised skill and can look very good on your resume when you come home. If you have been brave enough to pack up your things, jet off to another country and find a career at such a young age, your future employers will look at this with awe. You can make yourself seem like a much more intelligent, well rounded person by doing something like this at the start of your working life.

A better chance at a masters

If you have finished your degree and are in the stages of deciding whether or not the carry on for a masters degree, you can spend this time travelling and  teaching English. Most colleges and universities will favour you if you have got experience working internationally, and this can be beneficial to your ability to choose the best school for your masters.  

Help other people

The main benefit of working abroad and teaching is the simple fact that you are helping others to learn a language. There are people all over the world who need a teacher for the English language because it is one of the most popular languages in the world. You can be the one to teach people how to communicate with those in your home country, and you can be the one who bridges that gap communication between nations. It is a rewarding job to do when people start to understand your mother tongue.

Pay off your debt

If you’re going to have to pay off your student debt, you might as well do it while you travel the world and enjoy life! When you travel abroad to teach your living costs will be supplemented by the country you move to, so you will be able to save up much more money every month to put towards your debts and your future. It is a great way to live your life for a year or two as you enjoy the experience save up the money for a home and prepare for your future.