Yes, it’s time to finally put the shorts away, and get your winter coats back out. Its official, winter is here. These colder months needn’t fill you with dread, you can still have all of the style you could want even as the temperature dips below zero.

A seasonal staple, a signature for many, the humble combination of shirts and jeans. This perennial favourite of the style elite is the truest form of a versatile trend, accessible for all sizes, shapes and genders. Everyone can look great in a shirt and jeans.

To celebrate this truly wonderful combo we have taken to Instagram to spy some of our favourite style queens rocking the look and compiled 5 shirts & jeans combinations to wear this winter. We have also saved you some time if you want to shop the looks, by giving you all the options under each look.

The Check Shirt



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We all love a check shirt, and the humble flannel has got our back this season. Mega babe and knitwear know it all Megan Ellaby shows us how to layer this look with a roll neck to make this perfect for the colder months. A slightly oversized silhouette makes this even more comfortable, paired with a bootcut denim (how very 2003 of us) this is a must-have look for winter.

The Monochrome



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Head to toe in black and white is a surefire way to look effortlessly chic. Make like Shot from the Street’s Lizzie Hadfeild and pair black jeans with a white tee and layer on a black shacket (shirt and jacket, clever right) to a win-win winter look. We love the effortless vibe this outfit gives us, promising a super comfortable look.

Animal Print



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If you didn’t know, animal print is EVERYWHERE this season. Combine this trend into your shirt and jean look for extra style points. Danielle Vanier makes the case for snakeskin and looks stunning, by popping a few more buttons and wearing this safari number off the shoulder she has created a unique and incredibly stylish look. Remember denim doesn’t have to be blue, Dannie shows us that cream is a super versatile option for winter.




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The inherent nature of a button up shirt means that you have buttons to play with, allowing you to have an ever-changing neckline. Buttoned all the way one day, portrait collar the next; the world is your oyster, or rather your shirt. By making a super casual V neck Estée Lalonde has been able to show us her incredible collection of necklaces. With so much going on up top, pair this look with super comfy skinnies that you know you can rely on.

Gimmie More



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No, we haven’t tuned into Britney Spears. We are talking layering. Liv Purvis shows us exactly how to tackle the crazy weather we have. A chilly start may turn into a warmer afternoon. Pairing a floral shirt with a cosy knit, and then slinging it across her shoulders she has created a versatile and easy look. Pair this with a wide leg denim, you could wear leggings under and no one would ever know.