Its official: fashion loves Star Wars and never more so than in Semir x GreenCode’s latest collection, which was showcased at London Fashion Week. Sitting front row, we were privy to the buzz of the audience when we entered. We were welcomed by an interactive robot, only proving that that was going to be a Force to reckon with, and we knew this was a hot ticket.

Now before you say it, this was far more than likened merchandise. The design of the garments was truly exceptional. Presenting a genderless vibe, the collection featured impeccable tailoring and a riot of colours controlled by the presentation in smaller bursts of garments. Canvas strips, motifs and mixed medias gave the collection a real luxurious feel and added yet another dimension.

Let’s talk about the clothes. Presenting both men and women looks in the most modern of ways really represented the universal application clothes have in 2017. We loved the rich blues, reds and yellows contrasted with space-like white and galactic black. This was an ultimately wearable and covetable collection of streetwear separates, mixed with a Star Wars motifs to give it the galactic edge.

We must give a shout out to the team at Label M for the hair and makeup at this show, which was straight from a galaxy far far away (sorry, but it had to be done). There were Yoda like twists for hair and simple yet sparkling eye makeup that had us green with envy.

The highlight was the actual designer walking in the show – a bold move, but let’s face it, why not! It was a fun twist and he showcased a wonderful look and added to the feeling of mystery and excitement of the collection.

We loved this show, the meaning of the collection, the looks and even the designer himself. Even Darth Vader wouldn’t be able to  hold back a smile.