You know what? Life can be hard, with situations and experiences building up on top of all of us. Sometimes we can seek help and advice from those around us, but this not always the most helpful or helpful thing we can do in this situation.

Thus the perfect answer can be a great self help book. Whether you want to find out who you are, get through the day without loosing your temper or just be a better person. There will be a self help book out there for you.

Keep reading to find out the best self help books for 20 somethings…

Make Your Bed, by Admiral William H. McRaven

The best self help books for 20 somethings

This book Make Your Bed Small things that can change your life… and maybe the world was written by a former Navy Seal. Using the principles he learnt during his training, he builds on the 10 principles that helped him overcome the challenges he faced in his Naval Career and his life.

You Do You, by Sarah KnightThe best self help books for 20 somethings

The full title is You Do You: (A No-F**ks-Given Guide) how to be who you are and use what you’ve got to get what you want. That should tell you everything you need to know about this book.

Quite often we are told there is a certain way we should look, a certain way we should be. This book is your unofficial guide for finding who you are in your 20s.

200 Women: Who Will Change The Way You See The World, by Ruth HobdayThe best self help books for 20 somethings

This book interviews 200 women from all backgrounds. Each woman shares her unique reply to the same five questions:

What really matters to you? Next, what brings you happiness? Then what do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? What would you change if you could? Finally which single word do you most identify with?

This honest and vibrant account of what it means to be a women in the 21sr century is profound.

Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women, by Otegha UwagbaThe best self help books for 20 somethings

This is a modern career guide that will help you wether you are at the bottom of the ladder or half way up. It is filled with fresh ideas and practical advise to help you get the best out of work.

This handbook is guaranteed to become your go-to resource when it comes to building the career you want.

Never Get Angry Again, by David J. LiebermanThe best self help books for 20 somethings

We all fly of the handle every now and then, and the smallest thing can sometimes derail your day. Well, Never Get Angry Again: The Foolproof Way to Stay Calm and in Control in Any Conversation Or Situation is the book that will help reduce the times that this does happen.

Mind Hacking: How to Change Your Mind for Good in 21 Days, by Sir John HargraveThe best self help books for 20 somethings

If you have ever felt that you just cant change the ay your brain works – well you are not alone! This book is a 3 step guide to improving your mental habits. Helping you learn to take charge of your mind and banish negative thoughts, habits, and anxiety in just twenty-one days.

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6 Self Help Books Every 20 Something Needs To Read

6 Self Help Books Every 20 Something Needs To Read