Say hello to HEIO London, your new go to minimalist bag brand, with products that are focused on new innovation and style.

You may know a little more about HEIO than you first thought, since the brand featured in the most recent series of BBC’s The Apprentice. And although team Nebula lost, the bags were the stand out winners for us.

Heio London geometric bags

The whole product line uses bold geographic shapes in a range of sizes and shapes, with products that feel classic, but are still fresh and modern. This new approach to minimalist design excites us, and makes for show stopping pieces that we need ASAP.

The main concept behind the products is the geographical focus of the bags: namely, Menorca and New York. They’re two very different places that feed into the collection of unique and refreshing bags.

Inspired by Menorca, the colours seem to reflect the warm and personable feel the founder of HEIO feels in Menorca. It is clear that the coastline also had an impact on the design, with the line an “homage to the enticing ‘calas’ that form the coastline”. The colours seem to play off that hot summer feel, with warm sand neutrals, private cove turquoise and deep greens of lush shrubbery.

HEIO London bags New York collection

In sharp contrast with the Menorca collection is New York, mixing a bold colour palette that represents the Big Apple in the juiciest way possible. We love the brick red contrasted with the sky blues. In a simple colour palette change, you can really feel and see the architecture of New York – a mix of brick and steel, old and new.

Add to the mix that HEIO manufacture their products with some of the most skilled and experienced artisans in southern Spain, carefully piecing each product by hand, and we’re sure this brand is going places. And with such quality matched by exceptional design, what’s not to love?