There are weeks when we look forward to the weekend with so much anticipation. Seeing freinds, going out out, Sunday Morning coffee in bed. All of these things are fabulous of course. However, some weeks we end up working so hard, that all we want to do is stay in.

Yes, Saturday nights can be for amazing parties, but they can be just as great spent on the sofa. The key to a wonderful night in, is great entertainment, and we love nothing better than a good film. Most of these films are on Netflix, so click the title and get ready to stream…

So turn your phone to airplane mode, close the curtains and keep reading to find your prefect Saturday night movie worth staying in for.

Isn’t it Romanic

When films are straight to TV/Netflix release, you kind of imagine they won’t be that good. This film bucks this trend, with Rebel Wilson staring this is a really fun film. The must un-rom com rom com ever. With Wilson’s character loathing the genre, she is mugged and wakes in the most perfect rom-com life ever.

Full of great laughs, Priyanka Chopra, and some great singalongs.


The Favourite

A film that got a huge amount of attention during the most recent awards season, and for al the right reasons. Emma Stone, Rachel Weiz and Olivia Colman lead a stellar cast in what is a wonderful film. Set in the court of Queen in Anne in the 18th Century.

Don’t let the history put you off, this is a truly hilarious and gripping film that deserved all the awards it got.

Notting Hill

Hands down one of the best films out there, on the rom-com pile this is at the top. We know all the words, love the twists and turn, and really want that Chanel Beret Roberts wears in the famous orange juice scene.

We don’t need to sell this one to you, because you know just how good it is.


So this popped up on our Netflix recently, and we remembered how much we loved this film as children. A funny and ridiculous tale of ghosts and afterlife. With a great cast, hilarious ghosts and wonderful villains.

The perfect does of childhood nostalgia, that will fill your Saturday night with joy.

About Time

Another rom-com, this is another unconventional film. Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson star in this heart wrenching beautiful sad and joyful film. With time travel, love, life and loss. Seeing how our actions cause consequences, and having the ability to change them, make for a very entertaining plot.

This Richard Curtis penned film is really really lovely, but be warned it is a tear inducing film.

Thelma and Louise

You must have watched this classic road trip film with a twist? Well Gina Davies and Susan Sarandon star in this action packed film that is FULL of emotion. Two friends set off for a weekend away only to have a life changing experience in a truck stop carpark. What ensues is police chases, more rule bending, baby Brad Pitt and Mexico.

This is a perfect film to fill your Saturday evening with.