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We are huge fans of Sex and the City over at PlusMinus HQ. We have longed to be part of this mega American TV series. The fashion was amazing, the sex was glorious and who doesn’t love New York City?

Of the four main characters, Carrie was too indecisive, Charlotte a little plain and Miranda just wasn’t our cup of tea. We are all about Samantha, Ms Jones if you are nasty! Yes, the blonde bombshell and PR goddess was always the star of the show for us.

She had some of the best men, the best storylines and the best quotes. Samantha is still incredibly relevant, and for us will always be our life coach!

Keep reading to find out 7 Reasons why Samantha Jones is the perfect role model.

She was always ahead of the curve

Samantha was always on trend and gave us the perfect amount of sex and sass with her taste. Equal parts runway and boardroom boss, she always served us the perfect CEO look, and we would happily inherit her whole wardrobe.


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Like her or don’t, she didn’t care

Samantha was very honest and open with her personality. We loved that Ms Jones really didn’t care if you liked her or not. We applaud her self love and aspire to be as confident and self-loving as Sam. Channel this mood, by ensuring that you are always happy with the people around you.


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She knew when to call it

If Samantha wasn’t happy, she would tell you. We applaud this stance on life, there are so many situations we all end up sitting through that we don’t want to be in. Samantha would not have that, and neither will we. If you aren’t happy, SAY SO.


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Samantha will get what she wants

She wasn’t afraid to get what she wanted, by any means. In a very famous episode (Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, Season 4), Samantha was hell-bent on getting herself a red Hermés Birkin bag.

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She takes on Lucy Liu as a client and blags the bag for herself in Lucy’s name, jumping the 5-year waiting list. Miss Liu, of course, finds out and takes the bag. She may not have won, but Samantha Jones is an icon for trying!


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She hated children

Not that children are bad, but she hated the invasion of children in spaces that should be relaxing after a full day at work. We are very onboard with this idea and hate it when our bottomless brunches are interrupted by Karen and her three kids.

We will channel our inner Ms Jones, and tell Karen where to take her kids next time.


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She always had perfect career advice

When it came to office etiquette, Samantha was always breaking rules. She even had sex with a UPS Driver! She was always very clear that women had to be on top, and always discussed how women were treated in the world of work. We salute her honesty and applaud her knowledge.


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She always moved on

When it came to relationships, Samantha always came out on top. She was always on hand to give the other girls all the advice they needed to help them move on, not that Carrie ever listened!


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