Here at PlusMinus, we are always on the lookout for the new and the now. One way to spot new talent is to look at international designers. We often forget that there is a world of fashion outside of New York, London, Milan and Paris. One hotbed of talent is the Oriental showcase.

Sahar Okal’s latest designs were showcased during the Oriental Fashion show, which closed the couture shows in Paris. This is a showcase of some of the world’s best intricate designers, the ones that may not be as well known in the west (but that we think need to be on everyone’s radar).

Nazareth native, Okal studied theatrical and cinematic fashion in Italy, before founding his own studio in 2013. Since then he has worked on garments for Opera, cinema and recently in 2017 found more success by winning Project Runway Middle East.

His collection, inspired by the Renaissance period of history, is ultra-feminine and full of gowns that sweep the floor, trousers and tops, capes and some sexy cocktail numbers. Think business meets party, an Okal woman is the centre of attention wherever she is.

Intricate strips of fabric create delicate embellishment on bodices, giving the collection an organic feel. This is matched by a elegant colour scheme of soft blues, creams and structural details of black giving the garments a sharp finish.

Okal’s work is a fresh reminder that talent exists everywhere, and we will be widening our horizons from now on.