Did you miss International Women’s Day? Well, don’t worry! There are plenty of exhibitions and events taking place throughout London for you to check out this weekend. Here are our top picks:


The Photographers’ Gallery bring the private into the public as they showcase photographs of people redefining gender through the art of cross-dressing – all taken from the comfort of their own homes. The exhibition raises questions about the way we assign a gender to clothes and shows not only men experimenting with traditional ‘women’s’ clothing but also women wearing traditionally ‘male’ attire. On until the 3rd of June and free before midday there’s no excuse for missing this one.

Under Cover: A Secret history of cross-dressing at The Photographers’ Gallery. Until 3 June, £4 (free before 12pm). (Tuesday-Sunday)


Okay so its not so much an exhibition as it is a number of events celebrating feminism through the world wide web, but we thought we’d include it anyway. The University of the Arts of London group ‘Feminist Internet’ will be taking over the Photographers Gallery this weekend to promote online gender equality. Expect feminist zine-making classes, discussion over the ‘free the nipple’ debate and live music and performances throughout the weekend. And because The Photographers Gallery is hosting, so you can kill two birds with one stone and coordinate your trip to see ‘Under Cover’.

Geekender: Towards a Feminist Internet. From 16th-18th March, prices vary.


‘Women Looking at Women’ adds to a growing number of revolutionary female artists displayed in Richard Saltoun Gallery over the years. With a strong focus on the ‘female gaze’, the exhibition toys with themes regarding the way we see both ourselves and other women. Interestingly, each piece was curated between 1965 and 1986, yet still appear as relevant now as they were then.

Women look at women at Richard Saltoun, 41 Dover Street. Until 31 March, free. (Tuesday – Saturday)


Ladies’ Paradise is worth a visit for the aesthetic of the building alone. Add in a bunch of awesome female artists and the women-only lifestyle club is a great space to spend an afternoon with your sisters! Current exhibit ‘Ladies’ Paradise’ showcases four artists who use various art forms to draw on themes of femininity and the female form. You are bound to leave feeling empowered (that is if you ever do leave – the space is seriously beautiful!).

Ladies’ Paradise at Grace Belgravia, 11C W Halkin Street. Until 8 April, free. (Every day)