In the amazing setting of the Grand Temple of Freemasons Hall, Star is the first designer to use just this space for his show, and it felt regal and apt for the collection that was shown. Exceptional craftsmanship and Star’s signature styles were the order of the show.

The collection was a sparkling sea of refined Indian handcrafted opulence, with gowns and skirts all meticulously hand detailed to redefine beauty. Cinched waists and flowing jackets wafted down the runway and had us in awe.

Speaking to Star backstage, he told us that ”India was the main inspiration behind the collection because I’m from India and it is important to keep my heritage in the collection and craft in the collection. I travelled a lot to get the craft work done, and it is all handcrafted” and that his “perfect Rocky Star woman is mysterious, sexy and a traveller.”  It is clear that Star has spent a lot of time honing his skill and aesthetic to distil it into such a forthright display of talent.

There was a sense of self and branding intertwined through the collection. Star told us that “the collection incorporates strength as today’s woman is strong, and I always incorporate strength into my collections through the embroidery or the cut. However, I always want to keep it feminine.”

Flat shoes, with gowns, showed another side of the collection, giving the feeling of strength and confidence. Star has created a collection that feels like it is for all women, with tradition meeting modernity.

This collection goes to show how far talent can get you, and it seems nothing can stop Rocky Star. First India, now the world – the time is now for Rocky Star.