If the S+ by ResMed may sounds like something from the future, that’s probably because it’s one of the most innovative products to come into our lives recently. The world’s first non-contact sleep tracking system, the S+ by ResMed makes it possible to easily see if you really slept like a baby last night.

S+ contactless sleep tracker by ResMed

The standalone monitor syncs with the S+ by ResMed app to monitor your breathing patterns and detect sleep cycles throughout the night. Unlike other devices currently on the market, the monitor does not need to be worn, nor does it look unsightly on the bed side table. The white square can also be detached for when you travel.

By capturing data on all sleep stages, the S+ will tell you how long you spent in light sleep, deep sleep and REM throughout the night. It will also tell you how many times you woke up during the night, giving you a complete overview of your sleep and a score out of 100.

Every night’s sleep is stored within the S+ app, meaning you can quickly and easily compare your sleep over a period of time and monitor your rest.

For those who struggle to get to sleep, the S+ tracker app also had a ‘Mind Clear’ function, where you can dump everything going through your mind by voice or typing, and a ‘Relax to Sleep’ function which plays a calming sound to help you drift off. This latter function syncs to your own breathing within two minutes and gradually fades out, making it effective for even those who usually need complete silence to fall asleep!