If you find it hard to relax, take time out for you or are constantly busy, you may need to press the reset button. These days, society can make it feel like if you’re not doing anything at all, you’re not productive. Or it may be that if you’re not making money, whatever you’re doing is futile. We say boo to that and yay to taking the reigns on your life, realising you need a break, recharging and recognising what you need to do next.

This is where The Reset Retreats comes in.

Created by two Dublin based women with a passion for health and wellbeing, The Reset Retreat aims to give women the tools and space needed to unplug and reconnect with what they want from life and how they can achieve it.

Founder Lauren Healy is an accountant who has recently turned Nutritional Therapist and Vicky Shilling is a classical music tour manager, now a full-time blogger and wellness event host. The ladies definitely know a thing or two about managing a career and side-hustle. 

The Reset hosts its first retreat in the stunning Loughcrew Estate in County Meath: a historic house set in 17th and 19th Century Irish landscape, with scenic gardens and pleasure walks on-site which retreat guests will be able to explore.

The Reset retreats are based on 6 key pillars around which we build all our events and activities:







We asked Vicky and Lauren a few questions on their thoughts about the future of The Reset, how they like to wind down, and what problems women face when trying to relax.

What do you envision for the future of ‘The Reset’? 

We can really see The Reset going global and expanding into other formats like week-long retreats, but also seminars, networking sessions, online courses and webinars. The biggest feedback we got from women was that they know what they want to change but just don’t have the time or support to start so we want to change that.

What ways do you personally like to ‘wind down’? Do you ever find it difficult in an age of social media?

Vicky: I find it extremely hard to wind down, every hour of the day feels like a moment I could be working or creating content! If I want to switch off I love to cook or read a book or listen to a podcast. Something that focuses my mind and takes me somewhere else.
Lauren: It can be difficult to wind down for sure especially when your business is dependent on social media! I try to take Sundays off (which doesn’t always happen) and also I try to put my phone on airplane mode for a couple of hours before bedtime to make sure I can sleep well.

What do you think is the biggest problem women are facing these days in terms of finding time to relax?

Vicky: I think the biggest problem is the pressure on women to ‘have it all’. Women also tend to put others first and their own relaxation comes bottom of the list. In fact we can serve ourselves and others better if we just took a bit more time to switch off. If we took a step back to re-prioritise and acknowledge we can do anything but we can’t do everything, then I think we would put self-care higher up the list.
Lauren: I couldn’t agree with Vicky more on this. Its one of the things I used to see all the time working in the Corporate world. We have so many demands on us and it can be so difficult to get any time at all to ourselves. There is also that feeling of guilt if we do take anytime for ourselves but it’s absolutely necessary now more than ever. Its one of the key reasons we wanted to set up The Reset.

We couldn’t be more excited for The Reset Retreat. You can have it all, but being well-rested and focused is a major part in the path to success.

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The first Reset retreat will run 29 June – 1 July 2018, with further dates available 12-14 October 2018 and 25-27 January 2019.

Website: www.thereset.me

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Image Credit: Bríd O’Donovan http://www.bridodonovan.com