Magpies and Peacocks is a Texas based non for profit organisation who present collection with zero waste. They are aiming to change the fashion landscape with their innovative approach.

“A change in the fashion industry is vital – it is our responsibility to ensure emerging designers focus on circular innovation and create material sorting. Just as it is the responsibility of the consumer to do so with conscious understanding of how they too can effect change”

“Measuring our impact in reducing landfill has little point if we cannot show beauty and opportunity in waste material reuse as an essential resource in the emerging sustainable design landscape”

Non for profit doesn’t mean that the collections have no style, quite the opposite in fact. With two clear sections of the show the collections oozed style and class.

The first section was darker, harder, evening wear with a unique and surprising twist. Taking the humble and ubiquitous tuxedo. We loved seeing Blazers worn backwards as dresses, which is surprising and unique. The back collar giving a beautiful line at the front, a modern cowl neck. There was also a large amount of open backs, which had a sensual sexy energy.    

The second collection used repurposed fabrics mixing waxed linens with upholstery jacquards. The collection featured hand painted designs and custom textiles by artists Nicola Parenté and Robert Hodge. This was a colourful collection with a layered more undone feel. The collection was full of energy and fun.

This was runway filed with so much creative talent, but it was incredibly powerful as it had zero waste. This modern and conscious approach to fashion should be applauded, celebrated and adapted to the wider fashion landscape.