Whether you’re always keen to feel your very best self, or if you’re feeling the need for a nudge towards a new mindset to help lose a little weight and cleanse yourself, Dietox is a brand you’ll want to know about.

This new organic, vegan, cold pressed juice and cosmetic brand is championing the whole beautiful inside and out ethos, and we cannot get enough of it. Dietox began as an organic cold pressed juice therapy brand and have now – hooray! – launched a range of hair and beauty products which enable us to fully embrace this lifestyle.

The cosmetics range is fully vegan, cruelty free, organic, and made from fruits, vegetables, plants and essential oils – how perfectly lovely is that? You can find scrumptious things such as repair rescue conditioner, flash serum, firming oil and a scrub gel (all prices from £12-£80).
Dietox Cosmetics range

If you use these virtuous products alongside their range of cold pressed juices, we predict that you’re going to feel unstoppable!

If you’re not familiar with the juices, they are just genius. You can choose from a one day express plan, all the way up to a fully intense ten day plan (prices from £65-£180). With ingredients including heaps of the good stuff like pumpkin, spinach, cashew nuts, acai, green tea, pea protein, seaweed, spirulina, ginger, avocado -the list goes on and on – there’s so much goodness here.

All blends are specifically tailored to you with your exact nutritional needs considered, which we think is one of the best parts about Diextox. They’re then packed and delivered to your door in an isothermal box.

A new regime made easy – and made very, very delicious. You are going to recover vitality, rehydrate your skin, enjoy better sleep and, if needed, lose a little weight the sensible way. Genuinely, what more can we ask for?

Shop the Dietox ranges on the Dietox website and Amazon.