People who value putting on jewelry want to look different. These are people that do not want to look ordinary, they desire to stand out from the crowd. Jewelry also increases one’s beauty. 

Some people however despite wanting to look good have some fears out of past experiences with having jewelry on their bodies. Some get reactions and start itching or their skin swelling. It is for such reasons that one should know what kind of jewelry is best for their skin, through that they will keep themselves healthy and look good at the same time. 

6 Reasons Your Jewelry Looks Cheap 

Jewelry is important to people who love having them on for people who want to enhance their looks. Some of the jewelry that people put on are rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. This article will highlight six reasons why your jewelry looks cheap. 

It’s a little childish and you’re a grown-up

Most people who love jewelry are grown-ups and have an understanding of why they have the jewelry on. There are ways in which your jewelry may be built and it brings out a childish look. It is very rare to see a mature person having or purchasing jewelry that looks childish. 

In one way or another one may, unfortunately, have some jewelry on and look childish. The childish look comes in when the piece of jewelry has aspects that are associated with children. Jewelry that is associated with grownups does not have cartoons on it or shapes that children love. 

The enamel work is sloppy 

Enamel is defined as a coating that is applied on jewelry that is made of metal as a decoration. Enamel that is termed as good is smooth and not sloppy. It should be clean and crisp to bring out the beauty for one to stand out. 

A man who for instance is shopping for a gold necklace for women should look out necklace that looks polished and is not sloppy. If the man can achieve this, he can be assured of his woman looking like a grown-up and not childish. 

The metal is too bright and shiny

Good and expensive jewelry is shiny but not extensively shiny. When out looking for the jewelry you should hence be very careful with what you buy. It is hence important to do some research on how good jewelry looks like before purchasing it. 

Jewelry whose metal is too bright and shiny might just make your jewelry look cheap despite you buying it at an expensive rate. 

It’s flimsy

The weight of a piece of jewelry should be appropriate with its size. If the jewelry you have on hence is too heavy yet it looks small, that should make you worry. The jeweler you got the jewelry from might have convinced you that because it is a gold necklace or bracelet then it ought to be gold. 

Just do not fall for anything just because your eyes are attracted to it, be very cautious of what you are purchasing. 

It’s turning your skin green 

Another thing that would make you have doubts about the jewelry you purchased is when it starts reacting to your skin. Jewelry that is purely made of gold, silver or any other pure metal should rare react to your skin unless you have an allergy to the metal. There are instances where people cannot put on any jewelry apart from that which is pure gold hence ensure that the jewelry you are purchasing is not fake but made of the pure metal of your choice. 

That statement necklace is saying all the wrong things

Some of the statements that are labeled on a necklace might connotate that one is a child yet they are grown up. It would be odd for example having a grown-up wearing a necklace with a statement stating ‘best friends’. It is however very okay for a teenager to wear such but that is hardly expected from a grown-up. 


A lot of people are out making money by selling jewelry but it ends up being fake gold or silver jewelry. No one wants to look like they are putting on cheap jewelry, hence be wary because not all that glitters is not gold.