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Credit: Ethical Stories Ethical Me

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re probably well aware of the rising outcry about the importance of recycling and using sustainable natural materials in our homes. Whether you feel strongly about this issue or not, it’s something that we’re all having to address before it’ too late and the damage to our beautiful planet has gone too far.

But when many people think of ‘eco friendly’ products, we’re sure the terms ‘drab’ and ‘bland’ come to mind. Well, that may have been the case ten years ago, but the good news is many designers are now producing incredible home accessories, all with an eco friendly initiative behind their work.

Although these products are still generally hiding from the mass market, if you do your own research on the net, before you know it you will come across so many gorgeous independent small businesses. These small businesses are creating stunning products all with an eco twist, whilst giving back to society…..and in our book that’s a recipe for greatness! Here are our favorite must-have eco home accessories and a bit about their creators.

Midnattssol 100% Cotton Blanket, £65, ISAK

Midnattssol ISAK
Credit: ISAK

This gorgeous 100% cotton blanket will keep you warm this festival and camping season. The stunning grey and white eye-catching sunburst motif is modern and on-trend, showing the best of Scandinavian design. The new Midnattssol range is a celebration of the designer’s Scandinavian heritage.

Swedish designer Sandra Isaksson has brought this brand to life. Passionate about creating a brand of responsibly manufactured products for the home, their products are made with the simple aim of making your world a ‘little happier and a little more beautiful’. ISAK purposely choose the best materials available, recycle as much as possible and all the packaging is reusable. As a brand their aim is to always use wood from sustainable sources, recycled paper products and vegetable inks. From textiles, ceramics, prints and books, this brand has so much choice for you to choose from.

For more information, check out their website.

Kuni bowl and utensil faded navy set, £18-£28, Ethical Stories Ethical Me

Ethical Stories Ethical Me
Credit: Ethical Stories Ethical Me

Dine in style with these stunning natural kitchen accessories, made from 100% locally sourced olive wood. Both the bowl and utensil set are handmade in Kenya, to create employment for survivors of domestic sex trafficking.

ES.EM has been developed by sister’s Shivani and Sameena, and through their love of fashion, travelling and generally doing good for the world, they have built the brand with total love. Their aim is to bring people a collection of homeware and accessories that not only share a positive story but are also at the forefront of current fashion trends. During their travels they met an exceptional amount of undiscovered talent, so Ethical Stories Ethical Me is here to connect these artists with the rest of the world.

To join in with this positive movement and to learn more about this brand, check out their website.

Reclaimed dining table, £395, Nkuku

NkukuCredit: Nkuku

The beauty of choosing reclaimed furniture is there are strong ecological and environmental benefits of recycling and re-using natural materials, which may otherwise be burned or become landfill. This type of furniture has bags of character and charm, with no two pieces being the same.

Each piece has its own story to tell, which can be seen from the textures and beauty of the grain. Handmade items are particularly special and if you are new to this type of décor, this stunning handmade wooden reclaimed dining table from Nkuku could be the perfect first reclaimed addition to your home.

This stylish brand celebrates artisans from all over the world, combining timeless design with traditional skills and natural materials. From travelling the world to now being situated in rural Devon, Nkuku brings these talented craftspeople to a wider audience. This gives these creators the opportunity to tell their own stories through their beautifully crafted work. Nkuku only works with natural and recycled materials through suitable methods of production, marking this brand as a leading example for the rest of the industry.

To learn more about Nhuku, please visit the website.

Silver, Mint and Yellow Belly Baskets, £29-£35, Bobby Rabbit

Bobby Rabbit baskets
Credit: Bobby Rabbit

Who said eco couldn’t be colourful? These amazing and oh so stylish, collapsible storage baskets by Olli Ella are ethically sourced and hand-woven in Vietnam by local artisans. The bottom half of each basket is dipped in water-based paint for a striking and colourful finish that contrasts perfectly with the natural sea grass top.

Bobby Rabbit sells products predominately for children, but each piece is so deliciously colourful and can easily be used in a non-child household also. As you scan through their website you will notice this brand uses a wide range of sustainable materials from all over the world for their products, without sacrificing on style and colour.

Check out this exciting and fun company here.

Otomi Pillow ShamCredit: Chilpa

By choosing to buy from creators such as these, you are taking a positive step to preserving the planet. With more and more brands investing in this movement, it won’t be long till these types of products will be more accessible. There are, however, many popular brands that have already started including key eco pieces in their ranges, without us even really knowing. Check out some more colourful eco home accessories below.

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