Showcased during New York Fashion Week, the Global Fashion Collective brings unique talent from around the world to the main stage of fashion.

One of the designers featured were Not Dead Yet. NDY are an experimental unisex line, something we are very happy to see happening more and more in fashion. The label themselves say they aim to “deconstruct and divulge unspoken narratives of identity in relation to the constructs of masculinity, femininity and sexuality”.

Their latest collection entitled Eulogy focuses on the energy generated from self-reflection. Drawing from the realisation that in order to move forward we must first look back. Understanding and learning from our past. With a modern punk aesthetic expressed through oversized sleeves, raw edges, Dr Martens, hanging chains, and studs. “plaid is seen as a key fabric while band tees inspired by previous collections continue the storyline about a queer journey of self-discovery”.

This was a bold collection, that feels very much beyond trends. Certainly, this is appropriate, as we are now dressing as a response to the times we live in, and trends are not really a reactionary way to view fashion. We loved the punk feel mixed with a youthful street style vibe.

We caught up with Adam Linbungag, designer of Not Dead Yet, to ask them about the inspiration behind their latest collection;

PM: If you had to describe Not Dead Yet in three words, what would it be?
NDY: Queer Story Telling

PM: Who is the NDY customer?
NDY: Our customer is an individual. They know themselves well enough to separate from the crowd.

PM: Your last collection explored self-awareness through discovering our own identity, did you build upon this theme in your latest collection?
NDY: Yes and no. With this collection it was about a reflection on identity, so almost looking backwards to my emo/punk/goth phase. I’ve never really spoken about this time of my life since I didn’t really fully understand the intense emotions. Through creating this collection I did discover a lot about myself and who I was back in the day.

PM: Are your collections a personal expression of gender or a reaction to the shifts in fashion we have been seeing?
NDY: I don’t have those intentions when I design collections. Gender isn’t the main focus to what I do but I value the importance of representation especially during productions and shows. This is why when given the option I choose not to use a gender to describe my clothing.

PM: What is next for Not Dead Yet?
NDY: We’re working on our next collection in conjunction with a few artists in multiple disciplines for next seasons presentation in Vancouver. The collection will be a new chapter for the Not Dead Yet narrative.

It is great to see young creatives subvert the binary to present a unique and refreshing take on fashion. We are very excited to see what Not Dead Yet does next…

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