Tina Malhamé is an elegant, softly-spoken and modest woman who looks nothing like her age and lives near Windsor. She has been married for 21 years and has two sons. Belying her gentle and unassuming manner is a glamorous past and an even rosier future as Tina Malhamé’s name may not spark instant recognition but her fashions certainly will.

Tina’s varied career has included working as an adviser to the EU in Brussels to promote Indian manufacturers and she still journeys far and wide in her career as a designer, from Italy to India, Paris to the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and beyond.

Even the UK’s most sought-after fashion magician, high street guru George Davies, cited Tina as the most prolific designer on the High Street. During her long career, she has designed collections for many stores; Next, Monsoon, Laura Ashley, Anokhi, Daniel Hechter in Paris, Per Una and more, winning numerous awards, including the Christian Lacroix Award for International Linen Design. For years, Tina’s accessible style has graced the wardrobes of women of all ages, with her subtle blend of classic meets comfortable at affordable price points.

So far, so impressive.

But if that wasn’t enough, now building on her solid credentials as an established talent, Tina has launched her own label NoLoGo, an online boutique offering luxury clothing for women in carefully sourced natural fabrics. Tina travels to India and the Far East to design alongside local craftspeople who specialise in traditional techniques such as block printing, hand embroidery, batik and dip dye, as well as expert weavers who bring her designs and colours to life.

She believes that women of all ages can still be glamorous and comfortable and has developed a collection which is functional, flexible and flattering. Alongside NoLoGo’s best-selling Easy Jersey dress, Tina is continuously developing her collection and has even collaborated with James Cadbury of the Bournville empire to create a nightwear collection teamed with his fabulous Love Cocoa chocolate.

The rapid rise of NoLoGo, from the best-selling Easy Jersey Dress and the Chic Shift is embodied in the combination of luxury, affordability and practicality. Tina comments:
“The foundation of any new wardrobe is a good dress, simply cut in a reliable jersey with its soft and gentle character or a semi fitted shift dress in cotton or linen that will glide over the body rather than hug. We all need a dress that effortlessly segues from the office to an evening out, zhoozhed up with some simple jewellery and a glam pair of heels. This staple garment will be equally as useful in a formal meeting or thrown into a suitcase to take on holiday, to wash and wear if needs be.” Not only is this couture at High Street prices, a woman buying NoLoGo can be confident it is effortless chic.

The crowning glory of the NoLoGo portfolio so far is the 2017/2018 Resort Collection, sumptuously photographed in Jaipur, the colours sing and the fabrics reflect Tina’s commitment to quality.

Musing on the decisions that led her to set up her own independent fashion store, Tina observes that although she has run her own company for thirty years she has only recently starting selling directly to the customer. This decision was prompted by the frustration that store groups spend a lot of time deciding what to buy, cutting costs everywhere so that the original design becomes very diluted by the time it reaches the stores. Tina is passionate about the design and manufacturing process, saying : “I meet incredible artisans who have a passion and love for what they do, wood carvers, block printers, weavers, embroiderers, tailors, print artists and perfectionists. I wanted to maintain the integrity of the product.”

As she is very well known within the world of fashion retail, Tina preferred not to use her own name and chose the unassuming name of NoLoGo to let her clothes speak for themselves. Tina’s approach is one of embracing everyone’s contribution to the finished article.

She comments: “Respect is due for designers who work terribly hard and are often sidelined in the manufacturing process. Good design is compromised today because of fiercely competitive pricing. I work with craftspeople in India, encouraging them and supporting their wonderful ancient printing and embroidery techniques. I team up with fabulous block printers in Jaipur using the exact hand methods employed hundreds of years ago. The ladies making embroideries sit together singing and wearing beautiful jasmine flowers in their hair with an intoxicating scent. My role here is not to change a thing, only to work together to produce clothing made at a proper pace under proper conditions, using ancient skills and introducing these garments to a wider world”.

Since launching NoLoGo in 2011, Tina has maintained her ‘slow fashion’ approach. The best-selling Easy Jersey dress has not had ‘a single stitch’ changed in six years. It has a long and loyal following and each new season’s colourway sells out within days. This is the ultimate versatile desk-to-dinner dress, designed with hidden pleats and careful tailoring it flatters every figure. Global corporate clients buy in bulk and always return. Tina explains: “We recently launched a fabulously successful competition for mums and daughters, featuring celebrities Jackie and Charlie Travers both looking resplendent in the super flattering Easy Jersey dress. The response so far has been terrific and we couldn’t be happier with the reception this has generated”.

The autumn winter collection is currently flying off the shelves. The NoLoGo promise is holding true. For those seeking winter sun, a NoLoGo tunic is virtually the only garment that needs to be packed. Use it as a cover up on the beach, wash and leave to drip dry, pop on with palazzo pants and sparkly sandals for cocktails at the bar, wash and drip dry and put straight back on the next day as a mini dress to go sightseeing and shopping. The fabric is the highest quality, the design is classic, and just like Tina, it will never let you down.

Visit the Nologo website.
Nologo fashions are available online and at stands at country and Christmas fairs across the UK (see website for details)