Imagine a world in which you could have a sensitive hair treatment that wasn’t full of skin harming irritants and perfumes AND was vegan-friendly. That dream has now come true, for those who want to take real care of their hair without the baring weight of the product being tested on animals, there is Pure Potions natural hair range. They have a shampoo, conditioner and a scalp oil treatment! This was too good an option to pass up, so I tried the products myself.

Sometimes I find myself with an irritated scalp after using certain brands of shampoo and conditioner and normally have to fork out for an expensive hair treatment to soothe my sensitive skin. Lucky enough, the most recent occurrence timed perfectly with my chance to use the Pure Potions products.

My first choice was the scalp oil. I massaged it into my roots and left on for 3-4 hours, there was no stinging or burning sensation which was relieving and I barely noticed the product in.

pure potions natural vegan scalp oil

It is suggested that you can leave the oil on overnight, but after even an hour, my hair was thoroughly saturated – almost through to the ends! Using the Pure Potions Natural Shampoo, I washed the oil out, it left my hair feeling squeaky clean and an extra treat was using the Pure Potions Natural Conditioner, it smoothed through my hair effortlessly, clearing away any tangles.

“I was genuinely taken by surprise with these. I combed my way through my hair effortlessly, as though it almost didn’t need it at all! I honestly didn’t expect my hair to react so well.” – Lacey at ​LaceyFitspo

My hair was left silky for days after using these products and the scalp oil treated my skin beautifully, no irritation, no redness, and no animals harmed in the making! The Pure Potions selection come in convenient 100ml bottles, perfect for travelling. The formulas are inclusive of plant-based ingredients, such as hemp seed oil, oats and an old favourite, chamomile.

pure potions vegan skincare

All Pure Potions products were designed specifically with allergy-prone skin in mind, meaning they are entirely free of parabens, synthetic perfumes, emulsifiers or potentially-irritating petrochemicals. Therefore, those with eczema, psoriasis or any other skin condition would have the opportunity to use these wilfully, without fear of irritating the skin.

“Compared to using medicated or anti-dandruff shampoos Pure Potions is nothing less than a pure treat. From opening the packaging to the absolute gorgeous aroma of ginger – there is a sense of luxury. The texture is soft and non-gloopy.” – Paula at ​We Try You Buy

Holland and Barrett regularly include Pure Potions products in their buy one, get one for a penny deal – not a deal to pass up in my eyes. I will personally be stocking up on the scalp oil; it did wonders for my skin, and hair!

“The whole range is so nice to use. I honestly have to say that this is probably one of the best natural hair care products that I have used. These products are kind to the skin and they have definitely left my hair feeling cleaner, softer and smelling gorgeous. I highly recommend using Pure Potions if you love natural hair care products.” – Kelly-Anne at ​MIMI ROSE AND ME