After an incredibly long and draining winter, springtime is finally on the approach. Buds are starting to show; the evenings are getting lighter and there have even been a few glimpses of sunshine. For many of us, the approach of spring means it’s time to start thinking about your spring clean. A thorough spring clean is a fantastic chance to give your home a good refresh and to do all of those jobs that so often get forgotten.

Many of us are fantastic at keeping up with the every day or once a week jobs. We spend time each week making sure our homes are clean, tidy and hygienic. But, some things get forgotten. Those jobs that don’t need doing every day or that take time and effort. The things that you barely notice until they are filthy or falling apart.  Your spring clean is the chance to get these things done and to make sure that your home is looking it’s best going into the warmer months. But, when there’s so much to do it can be overwhelming. The key is preparation. Here’s what you need to do.


There’s nothing worse than trying to do big cleaning jobs or attempting to move furniture when

your home is so full of clutter that your shelves are heaving, and there’s no space anywhere. So, before you start your cleaning, spend some time having a fantastically in-depth declutter. Go room to room, sorting things out. You’ll need piles to keep, to recycle, to sell and to throw away. Click here for more info and help with getting rid of any large unwanted furniture. Once you’ve made your trips to the junkyard, charity shop and so on, your rooms will look a lot less intimidating.

Make a Plan

Write yourself a list. You know what you regularly do, so just keep to that. But, then write down all of the extra jobs. Some things that only need doing once or twice a year can include washing your duvet and curtains, cleaning between your tiles, hoovering underneath furniture and even painting any rooms that are looking tired. This will be personal to you and your home, so take your time to have a good look around and write down everything that you want to do.

Get Help

You don’t have to do it all alone. Don’t waste your time trying to get your king-sized duvet into your standard washing machine. It won’t fit and even if it does it will be impossible to get dry without mould and mildew growing. Instead, head to the laundrette. If you need it, hire a cleaning team, a skip or a steam cleaner to help.

Take Your Time

Remember, it’s your spring clean, in your home. Don’t commit to getting it all done in one day, or even a week. You’ll just wear yourself out and end up doing an inadequate job. Take your time, and then enjoy the results of your lovely clean home by relaxing and admiring your work.