Your home is your home all year round – until the holidays roll around and everybody, from your great aunty to your niece’s children, come to visit and make it their own temporary home. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with having an onslaught of guests turn up at your front door at this time; in fact, it’s quite fun and makes for the best Christmas memories!

But, if you are expecting a lot of guests, then you should be readying your home for them. By doing so you will make things easier for yourself, and you will make their stay as perfect as can be. For advice on how to do so, we’ve got you covered.

Making it comfortable for those who stay the night

More than likely, you will end up having to put up a few of the guests that come to visit you over the holidays. Those that stay at your home overnight will have to be made to feel comfortable; otherwise, you might just end up ruining their Christmas like the Grinch ruined Christmas for the residents of Whoville!

The first thing you should be doing then is making sure they have something comfortable to sleep on and won’t be subjected to sleeping on the floor. This means readying the beds in your guest bedrooms by cleaning them, sprucing them up with new blankets and bed throws, and making them as comfortable as can be. This also means providing other things to sleep on, if you have even more guests to bed, such as a corner bed settee. And yes, it may seem like a big ask to actually have to by yourself a new settee in order to comfortably bed your guests, but think about all the benefits you and your family will have from doing so once all the guests have gone and the holidays are over..

Making it Christmassy

Nobody wants to go to a house at Christmas time that isn’t Christmassy, it’s as simple as that. This means that you have to hang lights wherever lights can be hung; you need to deck the windows with boughs and holly; you need to not be shy when it comes to candles; you need to use your fireplace as the focal point; you need to bring holiday plants indoors; and you need to place Christmas trinkets in all conceivable areas. Also, you need to make your home feel cosy and warm. Only once you do these things will your home feel truly Christmassy and thus be truly ready for your onslaught of guests.

The final thing that you can do to make your guests feel welcome in your home over the holiday season is to enjoy yourself, because nobody will feel comfortable if you’re consistently stressing and worrying. So, enjoy your Christmas!