Point Blank AW16 model on ladder

After last season’s debut, PointBlank returned to London Fashion Week with an exploration of contrasting elements for their AW16 collection.

The design duo, based between London and Hong Kong, took inspiration from Superstudio’s iconic collages of mirror-like grids and colour saturated imagery of people in idyllic, communal poses.

Point Blank AW16 model in sequin dress

Point Blank AW16 model on chair

With patterns printed and reprinted onto individuals pieces, shiny thigh high boots whose soles are partly hidden and printing techniques including digital, flocking, high density rubber print and foil print on PU, this is a collection that is much for the mind as it is for the body.

We knew it wasn’t going to be any ordinary show when our tickets  a cut-out space invader symbol – and the presentation certainly wasn’t expected. Asked to choose between two rooms, we shuffled into the right-hand side one and were faced with a room filled with seats, all facing a screen on the wall.

Were we supposed to watch? What was going to happen? Was the presentation going to be shown only threw this screen?

Point Blank AW16 green skirt Point Blank AW16 green and grey midi dress

We later found out that what we witnessed on that screen has been the live presentation taking place in the other room. The combination of the live action presentation and the visuals altered in perspective and scale in our room had been a play with the theme of contrasts and retro future cosmos that runs throughout the collection.

Bringing together grid patterns and playful retro video game blocks with space invaders, the collection is like a stroll in space, with the attention always drawn back to the complexity of the printed details.

Point Blank AW16 grey dress and silver glitter boots