What do you do on your commute? The train seems too busy to read, the tube too hectic to read that free paper, and there just isn’t the signal on the bus to catch up on Corrie. So the answer obviously is a podcast.

Yes, this is the modern form of radio that anyone can make and anyone can listen too. We want to bring you some of our favourites that we listen to at PMHQ to entertain us all day long. So if you want some new things to listen to, keep reading to find Podcasts you need to listen to today.

Jules and Sarah The Podcast

Okay so we have to start off with a an absolute original podcast that we have adored for as long as we can remember. Jules and Sarah the Podcast is one of the most hilarious podcast available on our podcast feeds.

When it comes to writing what Jules and Sarah is about, we have struggled, but we will do our best. This best friend duo, who hail from the north meet weekly to catch up. This podcast is like being in the room with close friends. They discuss their lives, mothers, and have news from the north, we cannot recommend them any more.

If you want to laugh in your commute we suggest you download Jules and Sarah The Podcast right now.


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Eighty Eight

This podcast by some of our faves, Ella Sizzo and Sara Brown, is a lovely new and unique long form podcast that we are addicted to. This bi-weekly podcast is something that we have not heard before.

The duo talk about careers, body image and working creative industries. We adore both Ella and Sara, and really love this long listen!


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The Happy Place

This podcast comes from our very own Fashion Editor, Ben Pechey. The Happy Place is a short form podcast series that will bring you calm and joy. By no means an expert, Ben uses their life experiences to bring you an uplifting series.

This podcast will help you keep motivated, boost your mood, make day to day life a little less of a burden and help you to find your happy place.

This, the first season of The Happy Place will bring you personal calm, as Ben talks you through a series of fundamental issues that plague us all.


Wobble was inspired by the comments and correspondence that Jules and Sarah received on their eponymous podcast. They realised that so many of us wobble, have our own self doubts, have lives filled with worries and issues.

The heart warming duo bring you experts on certain topics to uplift and bring you clarity and joy. Forget how low you feel, and allow wobble to bring you all the love.


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The Fashion Husbands

This is another new podcast, that brings a new thing to your ears. The Fashion Husbands are Aaron Mark, Editor In Chief of Boyfriend Magazine, and Ross Pollard, Fashion & Grooming Editor for Candid and Millionair Magazines. We have grown to adore Aaron and Ross at countless fashion weeks.

Aaron & Ross bring you insider information from the fashion industry, gossip, topical news and their unique perspective on the industry.


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