You will know by now how much we love fashion, and all that fashion has to offer. Just as we adore fashion from the runway, we also love fashion that we can wear ALL the time. Yes we are talking about the kind of clothes you can wear all day every day.

These kind of clothes are the workhorses at the core of our wardrobes, and thus need to picked wisely. Enter Kepaza, a brand with wearability at its core. Designed by Pernille Fristad, established in Norway, since 2016.

“Kepaza creates playful, feminine and edgy clothes for women all over the world. We use geometrical shapes to highlight women’s curves and make them feel empowered.”

The clothes have a soft fluid shape to them, allowing the brand to celebrate women with different sizes, body types, ages and ethnical backgrounds.


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We want to get to know the brand better, so we caught up with the designer to give you the inside scoop.

Could you describe Kepaza in 5 words?

Playful, sustainable, diverse and geometrical shapes

Where you draw your inspiration from?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from nature, my mum’s paintings, colours that surround me and unique shapes all over the world. I always find a theme that I dig into for each collection and that always gives me a lot of inspiration.

What is the favourite part of creating Kepaza?

My favourite part of creating Kepaza is to see the proses from start to finish. Finding the theme for the collections, the first sketches and all the way to having the garment in stores around the world.

I also love taking photos, social media and working with other people on getting the clothes and brand out to the world!


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What do you love about fashion in 2019?

I love that we are in a big movement of change! We are standing up for our planet with sustainability brands, having more diversity in models and sizes and we are also standing up for women and empowering them to be whom they are.

This is something I am really excited about and have tried to change since I got into the fashion industry.

What do you think fashion could do better in 2019?

I think we should continue to change and do better! There is still a long way to helping the planet, diversity and empowering women to be who they are!


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What is your favourite piece in your current collection?

My favourite piece in my current collection is Filipa dress. The dress represents Kepaza so well. The dress is feminine, playful, made in sustainable fabric and has our geometrical shapes and a cute cape. We are specially known for our capes.

Do you have any advice for people who want to run their own business?

My advice is to go for your dream! Running a business is not easy and sometimes you want to quit. Doing something you love and want is better than not trying! You can always work for someone else.

Also surround yourself with positive, hard working and people who challenge you to be better and lift you up when you need it. Send me a mail if you want! I love meeting business owners!

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