Print was king at Casey Gan’s AW19 show with bold splashes of colour. Colour harnessed in a way that will see the Malaysian designer garner even more fans with this collection.

Gan was inspired by artist Tim Braden, whose large scale, bright and colourful works of art lead incredibly well into Gan’s oeuvre. Brush strokes of colour take centre stage on heavily patterned loose fitting garments that Gan is so well known for.

This season we saw a great deal of progression, with thicker fabrics and layering taking Gan’s work in an even bolder direction for AW19. There was a great deal of clashing in an almost feverish manner. Gan used her frustration at the modern fashion landscape, using this energy to create a detailed and wearable collection.

The collection had a timeless and effortless feel, giving it a very modern and relevant stance. The technicality of the print play and the layering within the fabrication of the garment is enough to allow the looser silhouettes to be easy and wearable.

We loved the checked roll necks under other checked garments, giving a richness we haven’t seen before. The dresses with mesh details also gave another dimension to the collection, that of shadow play. The depths of this collection are seemly unlimited.

The layering of the collection was a constant, and to us eluded to more. We imagine the designer saw the many layered emotions and personality traits we all have to adopt in this modern digital world. Each layer represents a response or behaviour we have to employ in order to navigate through the world.
The effect was mesmerising and incredibly effective.

This was an exceptionally tasteful collection that left us wanting more.