At PlusMinus we are all about the new and the now, and today is no exception. Today we want to talk about the exciting brand PHYA. The brainchild of Thai businesswomen Jirayong Anuman-Rajadhon, PHYA, which is new to the UK.

Founded by investment banker Jirayong Anuman-Rajadhon, with over 20 years experience in the financial industry, Jirayong always had to look her best. Jirayong decided to design her own leather bag with premium quality, functionality and style, to help businesswomen like her.

PHYA is a name inspired by an ancient aristocracy, meaning leader. PHYA’s hexagonal-shaped logo deliberately depicts the beehive-dwelling of the Queen Bee. The line itself is made up of pieces that ooze elegance and quality; the quilted leather looks and feels so buttery but with the added bonus of durability. We love the well-proportioned clutches and the classic refinement in the top handle bags.

We wanted to find out more about PHYA, so we spoke to the designer and founder Jirayong Anuman-Rajadhon…

PM: What was your original inspiration for the line?

JAR: As an investment banker with 20-years experience in the financial industry, I always have to look my best. This means I am familiar with luxury goods. Little by little, I have started to develop my own adoration of luxury fashion, especially in leather goods and craftsmanship. Furthermore, I have always wanted to see a Thai brand on international runways. This all strongly motivated the launch of my own brand with my own design.

PM: What has the world of investment banking taught you about creating PHYA?

JAR: 20 years in the financial industry has given me an immense amount of courage and has made me a very fast decision maker. In the world of investment banking, being slow only for a second could cost a million. Therefore, with confidence in myself and my products, it made PHYA come this far. Our brand was established less than 2 years ago, but since its debut has had incredible feedback.

PM: Who is the PHYA customer?

JAR: Strong women who admire the craftsmanship, the quality of luxury and the unique design of our bags and the functionality they offer; such as the bags have metal feet which prevent them from damage.

PM: What is next for PHYA?

JAR: From now on, we will work closely with outstandingly successful women from various fields, as well as a number of non-profit organisations to promote women’s empowerment.

With such a strong woman behind the brand and amazing accessories we know that next time payday hits, we will be heading to PHYA.

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