However much the world of advertising would like to make us feel as though we should all be one identikit size and shape, we know we come in a vast range of different body types. It’s a good thing too – how dull it would be to all look the same!

Women are made in many forms: tall, small, and all with measurements that don’t match the mainstream idea of sizing. Let’s get real – even though we are all learning to accept and embrace our individual bodies, it’s often tough to go shopping and find a perfect fit, whatever your size.
Jennifer Anne petite clothing Getting something that’s just right can be frustrating, which is why new brand on the block Jennifer Anne made us whoop for joy when we heard about them. They aim to provide a most perfect solution for all you petite gals out there.

Find everything swamps your small frame? Resigned to scour the kids’ sections in the hope of finding a good fit, only to be faced with glittery cat faced jumpers and teenage angst slogan tees? Not that glittery jumpers and slogan tees are bad (hey, they can be pretty cool) but what if you want classic and beautifully tailored options in a petite size?

Jennifer Anne petite clothing

Say hello to Jennifer Anne – The Petite Collection. We’ve found you your perfect fit. You’re welcome.

A premium online womenswear label designed and made in the UK exclusively for petite women, Jennifer Anne combines stunning quality with timeless cuts, and is guaranteed to offer you the choice and fit you need to feel confident.

Jennifer Anne petite clothing

The brand was created by Jennifer Ison, a petite woman who grew tired of disappointing shopping trips where nothing fitted her frame. She says, “I’m 5’1” and too often the so-called small sizes don’t fit, the waist sits too low, the body is too long, the shoulders too wide. Don’t even mention the sleeves or trouser lengths. There is just too much material or the design simply doesn’t suit our small frame.

“In truth, the clothes we see in the shops and online, even in the smaller sizes, are in the main designed for taller women. This gave me a real passion to create a solution for women like me, to design and produce a stylish, versatile and modern collection with elegant petite women at its heart.”

The collection has a wealth of gorgeous options. Quality is Queen here, and the pieces are utterly beautiful, with (so far) a total of 16 pieces including dresses, skirts, trousers, tops, shirts and jackets. The palette has some dreamy pastel hues for the sunny months and key monochrome pieces that every woman will want in her wardrobe.

The collection is getting heaps of hype, with Laura Tobin even wearing a dress of theirs on Good Morning Britain recently. Prices range from £110-£295 and come in sizes 6-12. If you’re petite and struggling to find your favourite go-to label, Jennifer Anne has totally got you covered.