There is no better feeling than walking into a freshly cleaned home, with clean bed sheets, shimmering surfaces and perfumed air. You probably deep clean your home every few weeks or even once a month, but how well do you actually clean your home? There are millions of hidden toxins and pollutants littered around your home that you wouldn’t even realize. Cleaning is a very different task for everybody and we all have our own different way of doing things. Some prefer to clean up each week after a DIY job and others like to turn the house upside down once a year at get it all done then. Whatever your techniques are, consider how well you are cleaning each area in your house and the hidden bugs and bacteria that could be lurking in unexpected places. It is time to hand you some home truths about the cleanliness of your house and get to the deep rooted issues which you might not be aware of. Things such as your bed, the air and your mobile phone could be hiding more harmful germs than your toilet seat. Have a think about which of these things could be relevant to you and make the changes to your household so that you’re living a healthier and cleaner life overall.

Ship-Shape Sleep

The place you lay your head every evening should be a safe and clean area, which is free of nasty bugs and bacteria. Often our beds are home to millions of hidden dust mites and bed bugs which can cause us to have an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Bed bugs are no myth or legend; they are real and can cause major problems if they get into your home. If you wake up with little bites on your body and can’t figure out where they could be coming from, you might just be infested with the little creatures. There is no easy way to get rid of these apart from getting expert help. There are companies out there which are dedicated to eradicating the bugs from your bed and your home so that you can get a peaceful night’s sleep. For instance, you can learn more about some of the different ways that Pest Control Experts can help you to deal with bed bugs by taking a look at some of the helpful resources on their website here:

People often don’t realise that they are not changing their bedsheets and pillows often enough. How many years have you had your mattress and not even flipped it over? It is essential to keep your bed as clean as possible so that bacteria and bugs steer clear. Get a new mattress every 5 to 10 years and give your mattress a deep clean every couple of month. Make sure you are changing your bedsheets at least every two weeks and give your duvet and pillows a thorough wash on a high temperature in the washing machine. Wear clean pyjamas whenever possible and change them at least every two or three evenings so that you’re not building up hidden sweat in your bed clothes. If there was ever a time to go out and treat yourself to new PJs and sparkling clean sheets, now would be it!

Unblemished Atmosphere

We often take it for granted that we breathe in clean air every single day, but could the atmosphere in your home be more polluted than you think? If you are a smoker it goes without saying that you should never smoke inside the house. The smoke can build up in your carpets and upholstery and create a dull, unpleasant smell. Visitors who are non-smokers can be instantly put off if they walk into a smoking room. If you do need to smoke make sure you’re doing it well away from your home; even smoking with the window open won’t keep the smell away. Take a walk and have your cigarette elsewhere.

Carbon monoxide is a secret and deadly gas which is known to be emitted from faulty ovens and stoves. Invest in a carbon monoxide detector, which will let you know if there are any dangerous gases in the air. If you ever smell anything odd then don’t hesitate to call in an expert to come and check it out. It is always better to be safe than sorry in these situations. There are a variety of houseplants which can also help to purify the air for you. Invest in a handful of these potted beauties so they can help kill pollutants in the air, in your flooring and on your furniture. Plans which possess theses kind of protective qualities include a ficus, peace lily and spider plant.

Pristine Products

There are several products you use every day, which you don’t think twice about. You put on your makeup or spray your kitchen surfaces and believe everything you are doing is totally sanitary. The products that you are using on a daily basis could be festering secret bacteria and/or harmful pollutants which you should be steering clear of. If you are using a fragranced air freshener in your home you might want to think again. Although they smell lovely, they can actually be quite dangerous with the gases and fumes they are emitting. Opt for more natural scents like lavender and cinnamon to make your home smell fresh. Think twice about grabbing that chemical laden cleaning product during your next spring clean; you might be causing yourself harm whilst doing your chore. Many cleaning brands contain toxins which shouldn’t be sprayed in a room without plenty of ventilation. Try making your own home cleaning products instead of hitting the local stores. There are so many natural products out there such as lemon and vinegar which will do just as good of a job as your other sprays and bleaches.

Your deodorant could be harming the environment if you choose to use the spray on variety. Try investing in a roll-on in order to stop breathing in unnecessary fumes and to help the planet too. Make sure your makeup bag is cleaned out on a regular basis. Hidden amongst your lipsticks and mascaras could be a whole load of bacteria and other nasty things. Check out the expiry dates on the products when you buy them and be sure to stick to their recommendations. Clean your makeup brushes and sponges once a week using a natural, anti-bacterial wash in order to stop germs from spreading on your face. If you suffer from acne you might just see an improvement if you start cleaning your products and applicators more often.

The Sneaky Suspects

You handle a lot of different objects every single day and even though you may wash your hands every time you leave the bathroom it doesn’t keep your safe from germs that are already exposed on your everyday items. Your phone is something you touch continuously and you often transfer bacteria from your handbag or pocket onto your mobile. Keep a set of wipes handy and give your phone a quick sweep over every couple of days in order to kill any nasties which might have built up over time.

Your keyboard at work or in your home office could be one of the dirtiest things you touch in a whole day. If you eat near your desk or tend to handle food whilst you work you might be at risk of making yourself ill. Again, you need to keep wiping your keyboard down and avoid consuming food and drink whilst using your computer. See it as a good opportunity to take a break and stretch your legs whilst you eat your afternoon snack!

Your washing up sponge is there to clean up the dirt and grime that has built up on your plates, bowls and glasses in the kitchen. How often do you actually change the sponge and assess how dirty it actually is? Make sure you regularly change your washing up sponge or soak it in a bowl of boiling water to kill the germs. If you’re not using a clean sponge then all you are doing is spreading the germs around your pots and pans and allowing them to grow even worse over time.

There are so many unknown things that could both help and hinder the cleanliness of your home. Assess your abode from head to toe and think about how you could slightly alter your cleaning routine or daily habits in order to protect the air you are breathing. There is often more than one solution to your cleaning problems and they can’t all be fixed overnight, but even small changes can help you to live a much more fulfilled life. If you suffer from breathing problems or skin conditions you might be able to diagnose what is irritating you. Switching to more natural products and cleaning systems can help you to clear up some of your health issues and may prevent you from developing them in the future. Technology and understanding on our health and environment is growing so vastly in the modern day it is so easy to pick up tips and techniques to improve your overall lifestyle. Take up the new way of living which suits you and you will feel on top of the world in no time.