If you’re looking for a gift as unique as your partner this Christmas, you definitely must check out the range from Scrumpies of Mayfair. The range draws inspiration from every doctor’s favourite fruit and here at Plus Minus, we think you’ll be putting on your very own gala in and out of the bedroom in these.

How they came to fruition…

Started by husband and wife team Vicki and Ian, they begun by turning a mundane item into a work of unique beauty. They envisioned them as being unique pieces of art, much like every person is… unique.


They’re designed with the utmost quality by the Scrumpies design team here in London and represent individuality in spirit and quality. Each pair has it’s on flair and you’ll only know what pair you will like (or your partner) by having a look…

Which Scrumpies Girl Are You?

Gala – Free spirited, party loving Gala girl has an infectious laugh and a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Garden Royal – Romantic and gentle, our Garden Royale girl sees the beauty in life and nature. Loved by all, she can always be trusted.

Cherry Cox – Bursting with sexual energy, our Cherry Cox girl thinks life is about glamour, her life should always contain that little extra sparkle.

Northern Lights – In touch with herself and others, our Northern Lights girl is mystical. She believes there are more things in heaven and earth…

Golden Delicious – Fizzing with positive energy, fun loving Golden Delicious believes in treating herself and her friends to life’s little luxuries.

Candy Crisp – Unapologetically feminine with a relentless sweet-tooth, our Candy Crisp girl loves to play all manner of fun games and tricks.

Pink Lady – Brimming full of playful energy, our Pink Lady is quietly confident and open-minded to new experiences.

Honey Crunch – Our feisty Honey Crunch girl doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Always the first to dive in, she is the at the centre of the action.

Made with the finest fabrics and materials such as British silk, Austrian crystal and French lace, they will not only be the perfect Christmas Gift, but Valentine’s, anniversaries and just about any other occasion you want to surprise the special person in your life (even if it’s you).

Each pair comes in a gorgeous box you’d be happy displaying on your mantelpiece for you to admire day after day. Or if you prefer not to, they can be repurposed for other gift giving throughout the year. You can take some inspiration for that here.


The charms that come with each pair of Scrumpies of Mayfair are the apples of our eyes here at Plus Minus and we’re sure you’re find them most appealing. We’ll stop with the apple related puns now but what is at the core of each pair is a charm which is as unique as you. You can put it on a bracelet, keyring or necklace, we know you’ll find this little charm sweet.

Our favourites are the ‘Pink Lady’ which demonstrate exactly what Plus Minus are: sassy, sporty and bound with elastic for a flexible fit around London. Not only that, they’re party in the front and reveal all in the back and you should always keep popping back for your daily dose of everything new and niche.

They don’t just have to be for your partner, they make the perfect gift for a friend, sister, your mum, or best of all, you.

You can check out the full range here starting from £50.

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