Maybe business is already going well, but you don’t want to get complacent. Or perhaps you’ve noticed a slump in recent months- either way, it’s useful for businesses to focus on productivity. When your workforce is happy, motivated and productive they will do their work quickly and efficiently, making sure your business runs as well as it possibly can. But what exactly can you do to improve your productivity levels?

Improve Your Office

You might think that your office is just four walls and a roof, but actually this space can massively affect productivity levels. It’s the place workers spend the most time, so they want to be comfortable and kept happy. Give the walls a coat of fresh paint, and replace carpets if they’re looking shabby. Ergonomically designed desks and chairs will keep everyone comfortable, and good equipment won’t slow them down.

There are three things in particular in the office that psychologists have determined can boost productivity. The first is natural light, so replace fluorescents with daylight bulbs and position desks so they’re next to windows. The second are living plants, dot some around on desks and large potted plants in convenient places around the office. Not only do they look nice but they’re a professional and unfussy way to decorate too. The third is the colour blue. You could have accents in the office like blinds and your signage done in blue- or paint the walls a very light blue shade. Avoid dark colours on walls as you’ll make the space look smaller.

Provide Proper Training

You will want to ensure you’re hiring competent employees who are good at their job. But providing with additional training, especially things that are specific to your business is no bad thing. You could look into things like Training Connections Project management classes, or sign them up for an online college or university to do part time- funded by your business. This benefits them as it allows them to improve and boost their skills, and you get the benefit of more educated and trained employees who will push things forward in your business. Of course, general training and health and safety training should be given to every employee. This will help to avoid accident and illnesses leading to time off- lowering productivity levels.

Listen To Your Staff

It’s important to be the kind of boss that your employees feel comfortable talking to. As someone running things from the top, chances are you don’t have the best understanding of everything that goes on day to day. Issues like bullying and workplace harassment could be taking place, making workers miserable, leading to time off or general unhappiness lowering productivity. Being the kind of boss that employees feel comfortable coming to with issues, or at least having a good reporting system in place can help to nip these things in the bud.

Have you ever experienced productivity issues? What was the cause, and how did you fix them?