German designer Paula Knorr has quietly created a business that dresses empowered women. That is because Knorr is constantly inspired by women, femininity and the ways in which women can dress to connote intimacy and power. The recent recipient of NEWGEN funding, this boost seems to have only pushed Knorr further. This collection works with these foundations, but this season sees Knorr create a stronger woman, who is bolder and stronger than ever before.

The collection was made up of body-hugging sensual pieces that look comfortable and easy to wear, this is a body confidence collection, not body conscience. Using strong materials such as glitter, silk, velvet and tulle. These evening wear pieces came in a rich bold palette of rich burgundy, baby blue, metallic and Knorr’s signature red.

The garments may have been form-fitting, yet had oversized qualities such as large bell sleeves and trousers. The dresses in short and longer lengths had a sensual flow to them, asymmetry was balanced with high slits. It is clear that Knorr wanted to play with the ideas of sensuality and sexiness in this collection, with some garments fully covering the body in rich wools and jerseys, and others showing large areas off through lack of fabric or through swathes of transparent glitter tulle. Knorr knows that there are different forms of sexiness and women have the power to visualise this in the way they dress, and her collection allows them to explore this in a plethora of ways.

We loved the powerful and sensual women that Knorr is creating garments for, and know that come autumn there is an aspect of this collection that will appeal to all forms of sexy- we cannot wait.