Listen up pancake lovers – if you want in on the trend sending the internet crazy we advise you ditch the sugar and lemon this year in favour of something a little stronger… Prosecco!

No, we’re not asking you to wash your pancakes down with a glass of fizz, we’re talking about actually mixing the two together to create a booze soaked batter, set to be filling up our news feeds and – if you’re adventurous enough – bellies, as of tomorrow!

The brave needn’t worry about pounding the streets in search of the perfect pancake –  ‘Veeno’ have released their own take on what could become a brunch staple, so you can try your hand at creating the prosecco pancake from the comfort of your own home.

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Not content with including fizz in the batter, the owners of the Italian wine cafe have even whipped up a prosecco syrup for those in need of an extra kick.

Nino Caruso, founder of Veeno Cafe, claimed he thought up the idea as he created a prosecco tasting menu to meet the “huge demand from customers wanting anything in prosecco form”.

And it’s not the first time that prosecco trends have hit headlines – last year Aldi’s prosecco flavoured tea was a sell out; something which occurred in close proximity to outcries that we were suffering a ‘national prosecco shortage’ due to increased demand.

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If the fizz-fuelled pancake tastes as good as it sounds, we might witness another shortage in weeks to come. Our advice? Stock up now!