Pam Hogg is one of the hottest tickets around, and we were glad to have a ticket in our possession. Wildly over-subscribed as always, the show was fit to burst. As we took our seats we couldn’t help but wonder what Pam was going to show us next.  Wild reinvention every season means that every season seems so different yet in tune with the Hogg aesthetic. But there’s one thing we knew for sure: this was not a show to miss.

Using tulle and PVC, the collection was made up of sensual and revealing catsuits. These pieces were created from past designs and fabrics that Hogg has collected from years in the industry. The delicate placement of this medium showed the restraint and knowledge of a seasoned pro. Hogg is always known for her bold use of colour – and this season did not disappoint with bold hues of blue, pink, yellow and oranges. Pam left no colour unused, which gave the collection a sense of sunny optimism. We also loved the overcoats -delicate lace under clear PVC – seen throughout the collection, which added yet another dimension.

A highlight of the show is always the final look and Hogg’s signature walk at the end of the collection. The final look took the form of hand-holding, tulle mask-clad models in saccharine blue and pink. This was followed by Hogg herself, taking to the runway with Alice Delal, who was clad in nothing but a PVC lace skirt and overcoat. It was a striking final moment of a bold and decisively designed show.

Showing the sensibilities behind the designer’s work, this collection was intrinsically Pam Hogg. Once famously declaring that she would ‘never sell out to fashion’ it is clear in her latest offering that she is a woman of her word, and we can’t get enough.